domingo, 4 de mayo de 2014

Reviewing the latest rumors

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Remaining 29 days. The countdown has begun
As every week, rumors around the world do not stop Apple. This time the WWDC, leads some issues as the future of their operating systems and devices such as the presentation of a new iPhone. Therefore, most of speculation, leaks and other data that are centered around. 

1. We start with what could be the iPhone 6. According filtered and displayed by our fellow XatakaMovil images, the prototype iPhone 6 would have a 4.7-inch screen and a redesign that does not attract me much personally ... but as it is have to wait a rumor.
A new terminal that should serve to show the industry that Apple has not changed. Although it will not be easy, the other manufacturers are improving and there are other factors such as price or market saturation. Of course, as we discussed at Xataka Movilthe users of the iPhone 4 and 4s could mark the success of the iPhone 6.

2. More rumors about the iPhone 6 come from Macrumors. There show a mockup of the iPhone 6 created from the rumors and known data, comparing to the Samsung Galaxy S5 in size.

3. The next rumor is about the future of Apple headphones. These could incorporate a biometric sensors to measure heart rate and blood pressure. More inclusion of iBeacon to avoid their loss. And watch out, require connection to port Lightning. Something as discussed in Reddit would be the reason for moving the headphone jack on the bottom of the terminal.

4. The camera would also be revamped with better image stabilization system and a sensor with larger pixel size that would provide higher quality and be more luminous.

5. The rumored iWatch is making an appearance and sources said China Times and G for Games, Apple would already have begun to produce their device in small quantities.

6. If future devices are always something like, what software is really all enjoyed. Because in our current or future iPhone, iPad or Mac software is what will make the difference over other options in the market.

I think OS X will be the core of the WWDC 2014 

WWDC 2014 will focus on OS X, with an update that will as important as iOS 6 to  iOS 7. Publications like 9to5mac or Re / code bet on these ideas and discuss further not see any new hardware. In particular no Apple TV or software for it. Therefore, the operating systems are only the protagonists of an event that indeed is about software.