martes, 24 de junio de 2014

DaVinci Resolve 11 beta is now available

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For now it is a beta, not the final version but fully functional without problems preventing work with. These are the features:

About DaVinci Resolve Lite Software

DaVinci Resolve Lite includes all the same high quality processing of the full DaVinci Resolve. However it limits projects to UHD resolutions or less, a single processing GPU and a single RED Rocket card. Stereoscopic 3D features, noise reduction, Power Mastering, remote grading, and sharing projects using an external database server are features only offered in the full DaVinci Resolve and so are not included in this free DaVinci Resolve Lite edition. If you need these additional features, you can purchase the full DaVinci Resolve Software for only US$995.

What’s new in DaVinci Resolve 11.0

  • New Features Overview
  • Multi-user collaborative workflow with simultaneous editing, grading and metadata entry (Full Version only)
  • User selectable enhanced and optimised foreground and background render caching
  • Completely New Multiple Level Render Caching includes selectable cache points for source, nodes, clip and timeline, cache indicators on edit and color page showing selection and status of cache and user selectable cache formats;
  • ProRes, DNxHD, Uncompressed 10-bit and 16-bit float
  • Project setting to enable/disable background render caching
  • Dual monitor user interface support
  • Apple certified ProRes decode and encode support on Linux
  • High performance OpenFX framework extension for multi GPU OpenCL and CUDA plugins
  • GUI support for multiple languages; English, Japanese and Chinese
  • User customizable keyboard shortcuts and presets
  • Multiple auto save versions

Media Page
  • Clone tool for SD Cards, SSDs and disk drives includes multiple destination clone and checksum report
  • New reveal or hide clip metadata window option
  • Media Pool thumbnail clip detail popup now displays clip frame rate
  • Split Clip operation automatically moves the focus to the newly created clip
  • Camera metadata support for RED and Sony Raw clips

Editing and Assembly
  • Keyboard absolute or relative timecode input for all viewers and timeline
  • Create Timeline Using Bin and Create Timeline Using Selected Clips to quickly assemble a timeline from any media in the media pool, with or without mark in/out preserved and using original clip order
  • Full JKL transport control now includes frame by frame
  • Source/Timeline viewer playhead ganging
  • Split video and audio in and out points on source and timeline viewers
  • Slide source destination selector in the track control manager
  • Shift click and drag to constrain clips in time while moving them to higher or lower tracks
  • Ability to deselect a gap by clicking it
  • Through Edit Indicator on the timeline with join through edit command
  • 4-up display for slip and slide
  • Option-dragging the top or bottom of a simple edit point turns it into a split edit point
  • Option arrow key to move clips vertically up and down tracks
  • Sub-clips are easily generated using the viewer
  • End of timeline is now indicated on the viewer
  • Editable names for video tracks
  • Timeline tracks display number of clips on the track
  • Inspector selector for Video, Audio, OpenFX adjustment options
  • User defined favorite transitions, titles OpenFX plugins and generators
  • Editing of compound clips
  • Stereo Decision List import supported via ColorTrace
  • Added support for AAF import/export for Avid Superimpose effect as normal composite with opacity
  • Added support for double-clicking the clip shown in the filmstrip to open the clip in source viewer

Trim Edits
  • You can now always roll and edit in selection or Trim mode
  • Trim Start and Trim End let you resize the in or out point of a clip that intersects the playhead to the current playhead position
  • Symmetrical and Asymmetrical trimming with multiple selections at once
  • Extend edit command for single and multiple edit selections
  • JKL dynamic trimming to dynamically resize or trim the selected edit
  • JKL dynamic Slip or Slide to dynamically slip or slide the selected clip
  • Option U key will now toggle Edit Point Type
  • U shortcut selection will switch a selected clip among Video+Audio, Video Only, Audio Only / shortcut selection to Play Around Clip
  • Move/Trim/Edit a selected edit or selection of clips based on timecode entry

  • Audio crossfade with 0dB, +3dB and –3dB transition options
  • Adaptive audio track option to map up to 16 audio channels
  • Clip audio mixer
  • Numeric editing of audio mixer fader value
  • Option to use system audio even when Desktop Video is selected for use
  • Source viewer audio waveform display with each audio channel displayed
  • Multiple zoom selection for audio in source viewer
  • Track audio mixer offers mono channel routing
  • Display of multiple channel audio waveforms in user selected timeline audio clip

  • Add default transition to selected edit points
  • Default transition contextual menu includes duration selections
  • Inspector now includes a transitions duration parameter
  • Inspector includes transition start on edit, center on edit and end on edit options
  • Also includes ease in, ease out and ease in/out transition options
  • Concurrently add transitions to multiple selected edit points
  • Extend edit command to extend clips to the playhead
  • Oval Transition now includes aspect ratio support
  • Default transition support
  • Favorite transitions indicators
  • Command drag and bump a clip in a track generates a dissolve
  • Image dissolve modes, Video, Film, Additive, Subtractive, Highlights and Shadows
  • New transitions - Box, Heart, 5 Star, Triangle

  • Edit keyframe timeline with curve editor including spline based (bezier) ease-in/ease-out and linear selections
  • Graphics files have default duration for editing
  • Copy and paste all attributes to multiple clips
  • OpenFX plug-ins can now be used for transitions and generators
  • Retime Clip menu now also appears on the right click contextual menu

  • Extension of rich title generation tools including stroke size and color, over/underline and strikeout, tracking, line spacing and capitalization
  • Underline and behind graphic bars for text

Timeline list
  • Timeline Folders to manage timelines in the timeline list
  • Addition of Creation and Modified Date data in timeline list
  • Name, creation and modified date filters for timeline list
  • Pop-up menu to filter out all but .xml or .aaf for .edl files in the xml, aaf and edl importer

Markers and Edit Index
  • Add markers to Source Clips, in the Source Viewer of Media or Edit pages, for reference
  • Add notes to flags and markers with color selection
  • Keyboard shortcuts to jump to previous/next markers
  • Option to ripple timeline markers when any track is rippled
  • Snapping on timeline markers
  • Flags and markers now shown in Edit Index
  • Additional Edit Index fields - start and end source timecodes, slate timecode, audio TC, resolution codec and source frame rate
  • Sort Edit Index with display selectors
  • The edit index list includes ‘Show Through Edits’ and Offline clips options
  • Added support for Import/Export timeline markers from EDL
  • Flags are stored and loaded from timeline clips instead of media clips for pre- conformed timeline

Additional Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Additional play commands - Play In to Out, Play Around In, Play Around Out, Play to Out.
  • Previous/Next Gap shortcuts - governed by auto selection
  • New shortcut key to focus on Media Pool Folder view
  • Command # keys to focus on Media Clips, Effects, and Edit Index

Color Page
  • Camera Raw palette now includes Highlight and Shadows recovery, Saturation, Contrast, Midtone Detail, Color Boost Lift and Gain controls
  • All Camera Raw controls now available on the BMD control panel
  • Highlight and shadow recovery, Color Boost and Midtone Detail now available in all corrector nodes
  • Color Chart based auto color balance
  • Enhanced grading Group management with Pre-Clip and Post-Clip node graphs
  • Additional keyer finesse controls for cleaner keys
  • Additional Split Screen group to show all highlight views
  • Split Screen has a new Show Outline option in View menu
  • Gallery stills and memories now selectable in one Split Screen group
  • Grab stills is also available from group node graphs
  • New saturation vs saturation curve
  • New LAB colorspace selection in corrector nodes
  • Dense color matching for Stereoscopic 3D
  • Key lock option for node sizing to allow objects to be moved into selected area
  • Broadcast Safe out of limit display and soft clip level selection
  • Windows now include Opacity for greater control of isolations
  • Multiple layer OpenEXR support in the node graph
  • Gallery page now directly accessible from the Color page
  • Single frame track forward and backward mode using for complicated tracks
  • Updated Softlight composite mode
  • Timecode type display selection now uses a context menu
  • Timeline markers and flags with notes now shown on Color page
  • Multiple user named PowerGradeTM Albums
  • Node icons to display tools used on each node
  • Node editor mute icon to display when bypassed
  • Option click Enhance Viewer mode to display full screen viewer
  • Option to hide the mini timeline
  • Tint control for Arri Raw files
  • Phantom Raw debayer improvements
  • Automatic dead pixel concealment for PhantomCine
  • Color page viewer toolbar for selection of viewer and modes
  • Video scopes now refresh in real time
  • CinemaDNG RAW settings includes new 4K Production Camera specific log curve
  • Shift Down + Ref On/Off can be used to Invert Wipe on the Resolve Control Surface
  • Added support for H/V ratio when using extreme blurs beyond 1.0
  • Added ability to use alpha output of OFX plugins from a node

Deliver Page
  • Improved H264 encoding including bitrate control (Mac and Windows only)
  • Support for AAC audio encoding (Mac only)
  • Expanded render queue for clearer display of render jobs
  • Render source clips at source resolution option easyDCP generation now support inclusion of subtitles
  • Folder path retention now selectable from top or bottom of folder path
  • Render settings refined into standard, intermediate and advanced lists to speed selection
  • Option to use cache for rendering when cache resolution matches render resolution

General Enhancements
  • Updated BMDFilm and BMDFilm4K to Rec709 LUTs
  • VFX I/O LUTs for BMDFilm and BMDFilm4K
  • BMDFilm and BMD4KFilm IDTs for ACES workflows with ProRes source material
  • Native ACES support for RED r3d files
  • Support for Red SDK 5.0
  • Users can now use drag and drop to move projects in the Project Manager
  • Support for new ACES 0.7.1 standard
  • Selectable ACES version in Master Project Settings
  • Supports easyDCP IMF encoding and decoding
  • Shared media path mapping support for sharing/moving projects between Mac, * Linux and Windows systems
  • Grass Valley HQX and HQ Quicktime encoding and decoding on Mac and Windows
  • MXF OP1a encoding support to allow video and audio in the same file
  • 12 bit RGB DPX decoding and encoding support
  • Option to select 6G-SDI in UHD monitoring mode
  • Decoding of Panasonic MTS video
  • Decoding support for Sony RAW Metadata
  • LZW compression option for TIFF rendering
  • 12-bit 4:4:4 video monitoring support with Decklink 4K Extreme and Ultrastudio 4K (up to Stereo 2K DCI)
  • 12-bit 4:4:4 video monitoring support with DVS Atomix (up to 4K DCI) - Linux only
  • 4:2:2 4K 60P video monitoring support with DVS Atomix - Linux only
  • Added support for 44.1 KHz audio
  • Support for OpenEXR 2.1
  • On the DaVinci Control Surface. Shift Down + Ref On/Off will now Invert Wipe

Minimum system requirements for Mac
  • Mac OS X 10.8.5 Mountain Lion * 12 GB of system memory is recommended and 8 GB is the minimum supported * Blackmagic Design Desktop Video version 9.9.3 or later * CUDA Driver version 6.0.37 * NVIDIA Driver version – As required by your GPU * RED Rocket-X Driver and Firmware or later * RED Rocket Driver and Firmware or later

lunes, 23 de junio de 2014

Kobe Bryant been in Cupertino

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Recently it has been known via 9to5Mac sources that several professional athletes have been working in Cupertino for testing with the iWatch. This is demonstrated by photographs like the one above, where the NBA player Kobe Bryant rests one of the campus bars.

Hockey player Dustin Brown of the Los Angeles Kings team also have done the same, along with other elite athletes from the NHL and MLB American. They have all signed confidentiality agreements not to disclose absolutely nothing to have been seeing in recent weeks.

Kobe Bryant has even been seen talking with Jonathan Ive, the head of product design at Apple. All these athletes must have tested the iWatch under demanding conditions of all the sports they play, something that will pay benefits when the attachment goes on sale. Well, not all are Kobe Bryant, but would be better they test it, right? 

Opening of the Apple Store in Madrid "Puerta del Sol"

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After three long years of rumors, we can now enjoy the eleventh Apple Store opened in Spain, and one of the most anticipated by its location, situated in No. 1 of the Puerta del Sol. The store has a philosophy of Apple stores but keeps the essence of old Paris hotel building constructed in the nineteenth century. 

I have prepared a gallery of images from the opening. Customers already began with purchases upon entering on it, next to me sold a MacBook Pro shortly after the inauguration. And is that an inauguration is not just a store, it is also a time.

Everything ran on a sunny day in Madrid, pleasant temperatures and an event reminiscent of so many other openings, but with the special flavor that relishes this new store and that makes it a little different from the rest. "The small museum" of Apple in the center of Madrid is now available for anyone looking to visit from today, after years of work to get the great result that we see and enjoy.

viernes, 20 de junio de 2014

Reuters: The iWatch will be released in October

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A device that is creating great excitement, the iWatch. Apple Smart Clock, or as I like to call it, the natural evolution of the iPod, seems to have a release date. According to Reuters, October would be the launch date and Apple expects to sell 50 million units. 

Quanta Computer Inc company would be responsible for 70% of the production of the device, also speaks of a design and arched screen with a diagonal of 2.5 inches signed by LG. Would have wireless charging system and heart rate sensor to complete the ecosystem further plans to create Healtkit.

We have to wait, but during the WWDC and we could see some clues. Apple's goal is to not be predictable in a new device, creating a new category.

AppleCare plan new features

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Tara Bunch, Vice president of the AppleCare and technical support division in Cupertino, recently held a meeting with employees to discuss the service. And at that meeting, as reported by 9to5Mac sources, there have been some performance figures from AppleCare and their future plans.

Apparently, the AppleCare + service that protects the iOS devices from accidental damage goes well. Over 30 million people have contracted in the 14 countries where it is active, which has generated $2,000 billion in revenues and motivation to expand the service to more markets. One of the measures that can be taken in the future, for example, extend the deadline to purchase AppleCare + 30 to 60 days after purchase of the iOS device. 

Depending on how the economy goes, we might get to see a AppleCare + for Macs

We may also get to see a AppleCare + for Macs, now that bestsellers are Macbooks and are also subject to random breakdowns. Everything depends on the economy as something for the Mac would be significantly more expensive than iOS Terminal.

Another interesting thing is the improvements to our Apple accounts in relation to technical assistance. Taking advantage of the unification of Apple Retail and Apple Store web of Angela Ahrendts, Tara commented on a more unified experience between the Genius Bar, phone support and online.

The meeting ended with Tara Bunch promising a "superbowl" launch this fall, where we see almost all Apple products being updated, and encouraging all employees to help users start with the right foot on the platform when buy all these novelties. We will have a busy September and October ...

Adobe introduces Ink Stylus y Slide Ruler Duo

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Adobe wants to defend its platform and finally launches Lightroom for iPhone, had left his iPad version but finally reached the iPhone version. Now along with their applications in the cloud, launched in the U.S. market the Ink Stylus and Slide Ruler Duo.

Adobe has partnered with Adonit to give these two devices. The Stylus for example is able to connect to Adobe cloud services to access photos for use on our drawings. The Slide and the stylus can be used in all applications developed by Adobe.

The pack is available fortoday for $199, but only in the United States, other countries will have to wait, but will not be a long wait. Interestingly is the fact that Adobe released the SDK for all these applications, so we might see third party applications aprovechasen this cloud Adobe.

sábado, 14 de junio de 2014

First press release of Angela Ahrendts

Thank you so much for an amazing first month, all your emails, and your kind words of support. I sincerely appreciate the warm welcome and all of your insights and perspectives, which have helped me quickly understand and genuinely admire Apples‘s unique culture.
I have spent most of my time getting to know and understand the many functions and teams in Cupertino, along with our short and long term initiatives. I was thrilled to meet many of you at stores in San Francisco and London this month, and I‘m looking forward to Tokyo and the Omotesando opening. Every couple of weeks, we will be visiting stores across the world to see and learn what we do best and hear your thoughts about opportunities ahead.
Looking to the future, I feel our greatest opportunity will be continuing to focus on and evolve the customer joumey online and in our stores. Although technology is rapidly changing how customers shop, they still want to feel surprised and delighted by the personalized Apple experience we provide at every turn. That‘s what makes us unique. Keeping the customer experience as simple as any other Apple product will also be critical as we expand into new markets, integrate our platforms, and develop new technologies.
Again, thank you very much for all of your kind words of support. I am honored to be working at Apple and thrilled to be working with you. I know together we will continue to enrich lives and communities. 
Thank you and see you very soon. 
Bets always.

martes, 10 de junio de 2014

Yosemite allows to do scripts for Automator with Javascript

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With the passage of time since the WWDC we continue to discover those little details that were not mentioned in the various presentations. What is more surprising us is Yosemite, OSX version for Macs is revealing news that makes more and more interesting. The latest discovery, is the possibility of using Javascript in Automator. 

Until now to make small programs that help us in our task in OS X, we had to use Applescript in combination with Automator. From now on, we can use language as known to many as Javascript to make any script you want. There will be no need to use Applescript in no time. 

For those interested in scripting and really know how it will work this new feature in OS X only have to visit the WWDC videos and check out the video dedicated to Javascript and Automator.

Developers at WWDC see signs of public transport in the Apple Maps

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Although yesterday we told you about the internal problems that Apple is taking the time to include improvements on their maps, it seems that this does not mean that they are stuck. Maps continue to evolve and the proof is an image taken by one of the developers attending WWDC sessions.

During one of the conversations about new features of iOS8 exclusively geared towards developers, one of the slides that showed you could see an iPad with Apple Maps running. At the bottom, along with the different icons you could see a bus, so no need to work hard to imagine that we have prepared Apple.

It seems that Apple is working on one of the most criticized features and that their competitors already have, the different public transport routes within city. If Apple has not made ​​any mention of this during the Keynote is because they would still have a ways to go. See if in fall, during the final presentation of iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite, be mentioned or functionality that we will see in future system upgrades.

lunes, 9 de junio de 2014

Apple shares today are split

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If you have some shares of Apple and have not been very aware of the financial news company, perhaps you have seen the value of these shares has now cost more than $600 to less than $100 today. Do not panic, you have not lost any fortune in investments: the 7-1 stock split that Apple announced in his last press conference of financial results was paid today.

What does this mean? 

If you had one Apple share, now pass to seven retaining the same value. That value was $ 645, so past actions have cost $ 92 as unfolded in seven. If we calculate the proportions, now the absolute record of the value of one share of Apple goes from $700 to $100.72. We will have to get used to these new numbers.

After this split, Apple now has seven times more shares than before and its new price makes them accessible to more people. I am not a Wall Street shark, but it certainly is for anyone with savings and follow news about Apple daily it arises.

Apple Maps, uneventful due to internal problems

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iOS 8 has many interesting developments, perhaps one of the most anticipated was Maps, however, nothing has changed since iOS7. Besides the new APIs and some developments in China, Maps in iOS 8 are the same as always. Why?, if it is precisely the aspect of iOS that has received more criticism from the user community.

Not to be pessimistic with improvements to the maps, but Apple could do it better

Apparently, Cupertino had planned to present improvements, but a series of unfortunate coincidences have finally decided not to present anything. Many developers left the company, the related projects were planned poorly and developers who remained had to be changing too often project. Says one source in TechCrunch.

See if purchase of the Spotsetter App, help change that and we can see all the latest in fall.

Apple slips between the stars the stunning ad Beats for Brazil World Cup

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Beats has released a stunning and new ad with five minutes long for Brazil World Cup 2014 starts next week. An ad that serves as a perfect example of the cultural relevance of the brand has achieved, another reason for which Apple has warmly spent three billion dollars on it.

No coincidence seems the presence of the iPhone 5s, iPad, or MacBook Air have nothing casual in an ad where Neymar is just the star from a long succession of cameos: Nicki Minaj, Serena Williams, Lil Wayne, Thierry Henry, Stuart Scott....

Even LeBron James, the best player in the world and one of the best in NBA history in the ad without charge and despite his advertising contract with Samsung. According to Ad Age, was the King himself who asked to participate in the announcement Beats because he wanted to appear. even at 3:00 minutes, featured a Spanish woman having sex, fruit ecstasy of the moment.

DanceParty, turns your Apple TV into a game console

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The Apple TV will grow in prominence even to reach the status of multimedia entertainment center of Apple. There are developers who seem to want this to become a reality, this is the present case with DanceParty.

DanceParty we can play via AirPlay, but need an iPhone and AppleTV connected to a TV. With iPhone in hand capturing this dance and representing our entire movement on the screen with the character you have chosen.

Yes, like the famous Dance Central but with an iPhone in hand instead of a Kinect. Devices such as the Wii or Playstation with a special command, offered us the same thing now offers DanceParty. We play alone or with company, allowing the game shared among multiple players together. It is expected that DanceParty out during the month of July.

The Captain

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Our story begins today in 1851, during the California Gold Rush. James Savage, a ruthless rogue trader, corner Indians central Sierra Nevada Mountains, in the United States. This designates a group to gain control of all lands, the infamous Butterfly Battalion.

When explored Yosemite Valley discovered a rock formation over 2300 meters. A resounding granite monolith, a force of nature impassively over 100 million years watching from the distance.

Since those days, "Captain" has become the most recognized symbol in American national parks. Also regarded as a mythical place in the history of climbing. The Captain will also now the image of the new operating system from Apple. And I have never believed in coincidences.

Apple would be closing a purchase by Spotsetter

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We all know the "incident" with Apple Maps, and we know that has since been receiving small updates, you certainly have done better compared with that we met at the beginning, still we take to be considered a real option when searching for an address or guiding us through the city without errors.

In fact, Apple Maps were one of the forgotten by not receiving any news in the last presentation of the WWDC. And today, knowing that Apple would be closing a purchase by Spotsetter application, we understand why.

Spotsetter was an application with little more than a year to live, but noted for having a loyal fan base, in part because of its appeal based on a mapping interface design where we could meet the recommendations of places thanks to reviews friends, social networks and other sites.
Spotsetter began as a startup founded by two Google ex-employees who got an initial investment of $ 1.3 million for its development. The operation was based on connecting and draw on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Foursquare, and over 30 recommendations sites like Yelp, Zagat and TripAdvisor. So we had our friends information, comments, critics and experts in one place. Not bad right? Now imagine all this moved to Apple Maps, things gets better.

Still no confirmation that Spotsetter will be added to the Apple Maps or a standalone application, but Spotsetter could have entry into the Maps without any doubt and thus provide a powerful tool recommendations within the same application.

Philips begins to deploy its weapons to suit iOS 8

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Although we still have a long way to go, the truth is that in the past Keynote saw as Apple aims to bring iOS for the iPhone to be the control center of your home.And Philips has already shown its cards slightly to adapt its range of LED bulbs Hue to this new system. 

They have shown a picture via his Twitter account as could be integrated into the iOS 8 notification center, as a widget. Until now we had to access the application that controlled our set of bulbs to change any settings on it.
Now, from the notification center we can turn on or off our light bulbs, and even set different sets of lights and then access faster without loading the application. I also like to see options from OSRAM, the automation system is very good value and I think we could offer interesting choices with this new feature of iOS. 

Apple Design Awards

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As usual in recent years, Apple takes this developer conference to present the awards to the winners of the best apps, the Apple Design Awards. These awards, which are granted to both games and utilities for both iOS devices and Mac computers, intended to recognize a job well done.
"The developers of these exceptional apps combined design and technology in creative, compelling, and powerful ways" - Apple Inc.
This year's winners were: 

  • Threes [iOS]
  • Leo's Fortune [iOS]
  • Blek [iOS]
  • Yahoo! News Digest [iPhone]
  • Device 6 [iOS]
  • Storehouse: Visual Storytelling [iPad]
  • Sky Guide [iOS]
  • Monument Valley [iOS]
  • Day One [OS X]
  • Cinemagraph Pro [OS X]
Winners among students:
  • PanoPerfect [iOS]
  • Addimal Adventure [iPad]

viernes, 6 de junio de 2014

Keynote WWDC2014 video available

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For you who have not seen the Keynote WWDC2014 video: 

Although of course there are opinions for everything, Keynote WWDC 2014 has been anything but lacking in substance: iOS 8, OS X Yosemite, iCloud Drive, Health, HomeKit... A flurry of news it will take to assimilate to its launch general public this fall but which at least we have taken a good step.

If you have not seen the presentation, I recommend watching the video. You will enjoy a good number of really funny moments, taunts competition, and of course, new, many new features.

Official Keynote WWDC 2014

Apple throws a bomb with Swift, a new programming language

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In Monday's Keynote, Apple spent a lot of time to make life easier for developers. Apple has presented us Swift, a new programming language. This important development has a simpler, faster encoding syntax and processing.

In addition, developers have PlayGround as a testing and coding environment. It is completely native and can operate simultaneously with Objective-C. In the screenshot below you will find are listed with many new features. Developers, enjoy!

Apple has posted in iBooks a book entitled "The Swift Programming Language", to download and free.

The App Store is improved with app packs

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Apple has unveiled at WWDC 2014 new enhancements in the App Store. Trying to improve the way to find new applications, Apple will improve the App Store this fall with quite interesting new features.

Among these new features we found the Explore section, where the App Store will recommend us applications that come closest to our tastes and needs. Additionally, the search will be improved, showing just below suggestions on what we might be looking for as we introduce a search.

These two new features are added three more. On the one hand application packs, where developers can apply several applications to offer with a more competitive price. We will also preview improvements in applications such as videos of them and the ability to offer beta testing their application, thus receiving feedback from their users as they test their application before it goes on sale. These improvements come in the fall and will be available to all developers. 

miércoles, 4 de junio de 2014

Health: all our measures of health in one place

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The rumors are confirmed. This time Apple has introduced Health, the new place in our iOS devices in which all measures of health we do with our iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad will be stored.

This new application included as standard on iOS, will be accompanied by Healthkit, an environment that will allow developers find that your application is compatible with iOS Health. Thus Apple seeks to unify all health data in one place and third-party applications can access all of our data to make an accurate assessment of our health.

A clear example is Nike +, an application that monitors only our careers but with Health may access data as our weight, our sleep and even the calories you have eaten in the last days. Only have to use third party applications to perform measurements and give permission to Nike + that can use them.

martes, 3 de junio de 2014

Apple Introduces iOS 8 (Part three)

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Widgets and interaction between apps and iOS

We have developments affecting both developers and users, found such things as interesting as the new packages of apps in the App Store to buy several at once at a discounted price, APIs to integrate third-party apps in the Control center as Bing translator or social network we please, or even store documents from any app on services like OneDrive or Box. The Notification Center is reorganized as anticipates raising the Today view, merging all notifications in one tab.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg. iOS 8 puts over 4000 new APIs in the hands of developers. 4000 APIs to apps communicate with each other, to function as extensions in Safari, to use the Touch ID tactile recognition system as the authentication method in their applications.

HomeKit to control locks, lights, cameras, doors and plugs from iPhone even through Siri voice. Metal to reduce the OpenGL load and achieve graphics with a quality never before seen in a mobile device... A genuine advance that will certainly pay off.


iOS 8 beta is available to developers starting today and will be released for free to all this fall. The only low on the list of supported regarding iOS 7 devices is the iPhone 4, so if you have a you can use the new version without problems:

  • iPhone 4s, 
  • iPhone 5
  • iPhone 5c
  • iPhone 5s
  • iPod touch 5th generation
  • iPad 2
  • iPad Retina 
  • iPad Air
  • iPad Mini
  • iPad Mini Retina

Apple Introduces iOS 8 (Part two)

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Keyboards from third

From now on, you can install from third keyboards. If you are bored of QuickType, the new predictive keyboard function iOS 8. This not only gives us the context related to help us write faster, but rather may even save write full words, analyzing and offering a message directly possible responses using language appropriate to the type of relationship you have with that contact. Supports 14 languages.


Like Mail, iMessage also assimilated many of the functions of other messaging applications as temporarily mute group conversations, access to a view all images from that thread, share our position, send audio clips... In short, features we take for assumed Whatsapp or Facebook that is actually missing in iMessage.

A new chapter on integration between iOS and OS X

But if what you want is plain and simple innovation, Continuity is the word to remember. The way Apple has managed to integrate OS X and iOS to move from one device to another continuing right where we left off without sacrificing the personality of each. A hit in the center of the target which is enhanced further by iCloud Drive, the file management system that, do what he promised, were waiting.

Health is the first

HealthBook Do you remember? Well actually called Health, but it is basically what we expected, a hub that centralizes all data collected by the sensors of the iPhone and compatible medical accessories.

Sharing our purchases

Family Share is more than a function, it is an advantage of the new Apple store which is a clear benefit for those of us with multiple Apple devices spread between our family. Now we can group up to six accounts under one credit card to share our purchases, and if our son wants an app, receive a notice requesting our permission to proceed. 


The Photos app has received a major update removing the limit of 1000 pictures and videos synchronizing  from Photo Stream, multiplying tenfold editing and retouching options and synchronizing all changes immediately through iCloud with a new app for OS X Yosemite. Also, if you have connection, you need not even have pictures and videos taking up space to see them.

"Hey, Siri!!"

It is the turn to Siri, and although not shown detail, we were at the moment with 5 features:

  • Skill to begin working with just say "Hey, Siri," 
  • Identifying songs through Shazam
  • Purchase iTunes content
  • Voice recognition as we speak. 
  • 22 new dictation languages

Apple Introduces iOS 8 (Part one)

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Following the presentation of Yosemite Apple OS X has also shown another gem, iOS 8, ​​a version that refines everything we had seen so far with iOS 7 further by incorporating a large number of truly useful new features that seem designed to please many of the user's demands.

Continuity, widgets, major improvements to Mail, Safari or iMessajes, more useful than ever Spotlight, iCloud Drive, Health, Family Sharing to share our shopping apps, music, books and movies with up to six family members, advanced editing photography and Photo Stream replacement by a new service that stores all of our images in the cloud without taking up space on the device.

Amazing additions to developers in areas such as fingerprint authentication, high performance 3D graphics and automation thanks to HomeKit, a new platform which incidentally is also integrated with Siri. By the way, we can now turn it without touching anything, just saying "Hey, Siri".

Interactive Notifications

First, interactive notifications, which allow us, for example, respond to a message or an invitation to accept an appointment in Calendar without leaving the app you are currently using. And yes, it also works with the locked device.

Mail, leaner, more powerful

Mail has learned from apps like Sparrow or Clear and now has a new set of gestures to mark a message or delete it. Better yet, if you have ever encountered locked emailing unable to check other mails, anymore: can now drag down the eraser to access any other mail, open it, copy what you want and return to the mail we were writing with another gesture. It is also more intelligent recognizing the content of the emails to add an event from the Confirmation of a reservation and the like.

Direct access to recent contacts

We now turn to the list of recent apps, multitasking view deployed by pressing twice on the home button and happened to also accommodate on its top a list of contacts who have spoken recently. Pressed in any of them we can call, write a message or start a FaceTime video call easily.Ah! And gesturing to the right is our favorite.

Spotlight with steroids

Spotlight has received a major update in OS X Yosemite which is also reflected in iOS 8 allowing access to many of the things we could do with Siri and search the information on Wikipedia or see a movie just starting to write their title. The searches are no longer confined to our own content but extend to the App Store, iTunes, Maps, the latest ...