viernes, 30 de enero de 2015

The bid to be the default search engine in Safari continues, Yahoo does "eyes" to Apple

What will be the default search engine will select Apple Safari, both for iOS version to the version in OS X? As you know, since we already talked about this in November, Apple renewed the contract in 2010 with Google, which stipulated to this search engine as the default browser engine just this year 2015.

We all know the veiled war between Apple and Google, although Tim Cook obviously have a much more diplomatic character in this respect that Steve Jobs, it seems that this agreement with Google will end there. And now come into play other ... Yahoo and Bing with Microsoft are really interested in getting the contract and now Yahoo, which in a recent earnings conference has openly talked about it.

OneDrive for company comes to OS X and is integrated into the same app for iOS for OneDrive

Microsoft has not only been presenting news in the last seven days with Windows 10 Project HoloLens, etc but throwing two major improvements for users of Apple and its system of cloud storage. OneDrive for the company comes to OS X and iOS app already enables integration between personal and business account.

So far we required two independent iOS applications, it is no longer necessary and from the same application will have access to everything. Then, and equally important, the client for OS X OneDrive for Business facilitates offline work with documents. Important news for users of Apple and Microsoft cloud which also continue to receive new features in future updates.

If you are still Mavericks user or Mountain Lion user, you have a major update to download

If you have not yet migrated your Mac to Yosemite, either by choice or simply because your Mac does not support it, be quiet, Apple continues to maintain your operating system. Whether Mavericks or Mountain Lion OS you have installed on your Mac, both just received an update that fixes several vulnerabilities.

This security update for both operating systems, 2015-001, is not an upgrade itself, but comes to plug some holes which also corrected the latest version of Yosemite launched last day 27, the 10.10.2.

Microsoft Outlook for iOS, comes the new Mail app for iOS

Folx makes us more and reaches version 4.0: Analysis

The switcher phenomenon continues with Android ... even outside the United States

It's been two days after record results from Apple, but still interesting data out as analysts do their work. The Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP or for short) has combined figures and found that the rate of people who decide to move from Android to iOS has accelerated, as reflected in Fortune.

But beware, there's something else to consider: occurs outside the United States. There, just as in many other western world, having a platform already secured to it and is much harder to change. However, there are many users in countries like China where the iPhone people spend after testing Android phones. The phenomenon is repeated switcher, but from another rival.

Problem with iTunes Connect Developer causes the log on accounts that are not theirs

We met in the afternoon with a problem that developers have reported. When trying to access iTunes Connect accounts have been found that were shown other applications developers.

The developers were not able to go beyond the main screen of your account (where they showed applications that were not his) and could not collect information about downloads and payments applications.

Apple has reacted and has disabled access to accounts, but has not given any response yet and no one knows when it will be fixed the problem for developers to access their accounts. TestFlight service is also affected by preventing developers upload new applications and invite users to Beta versions of their apps.

miércoles, 28 de enero de 2015

Tim Cook Apple confirms that the Watch will be sold in April

If Apple's financial results for the first quarter of 2015 and 74.5 million iPhones sold in the last three months I did not say much, I think I have something that does attract your attention. Tim Cook announced during the conference to shareholders that Apple Watch Set to launch next April.

martes, 27 de enero de 2015

Apple releases iOS 8.1.3 and OS X 10.10.2, Apple updates leading up to Apple Watch

Apple has just made available to the public the version 8.1.3 of iOS and OS X version 10.10.2 of Yosemite. Both updates, unless it is very crooked things (unfortunately we have precedents and not excessive months) will be the two system updates leading up to Apple Watch.

Never seen sales of iPhone: Financial results for the first fiscal quarter of 2015

Again, it's night quarterly financial results in Apple. And being January, the results of the Christmas season will be, especially sales of iPhone. Hold on to the good numbers come: 74,600 million in revenue with a net profit of 18.000 billion.

The other figure that also breaks the most optimistic forecasts is the iPhone sales: 74.5 million units worldwide within months res. It is a triumph of the iPhone 6, with its new size has gotten attention. The Mac, moreover, has also broken sales records.

What do you think of the iPhone 7 Farahi?

Does it move along the lines of what you want or just what you expect? Certainly in terms of design and considering the continuo line how well has worked for the apple is a concept with many possibilities and innovations as a second speaker at the opposite end of the terminal to provide a certain three-dimensional sound can not be anything wrong.

Alfred Remote for iOS, squeeze the possibilities of Alfred 2 on your iPhone or iPad

Alfred was launched today Remote, iOS app that comes to complement and further expand the possibilities Alfred 2 offers. How Come? For serving as a remote controller application OS X.

By defining actions we can launch each with our iPhone or iPad. We can show Alfred 2 on the Mac, execute commands like restart, log off, remove all drives or close all applications among others. We also have the ability to open files and folders that you have defined, etc.

This concept of the iPhone 7 makes by Yasser Farahi

Have only been four months after launching the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus and how could it be otherwise we have the first conceptual designs of the next model in the series. Created by Yasser Farahi, this design takes the work done by the team of Jony Ive and modifies it to make it more sexy while introducing many ideas that could well prove to materialize in reality sooner or later.

Apple Pay continues to grow, announce their debut at over 200,000 ATMs

The electronic payment system Apple is determined to conquer and change the way we usually pay for our goods or services, where we have already seen not only banks have built-in support for this service, but increasingly other business or chains looking to NFC terminals with support for Apple Pay.

From supermarkets, pharmacies and restaurants to parking meters, Apple Pay is entering areas that are new to both Apple and its users, and today an important partner gets into the car of electronic payments Apple, USA Technologies announced that its more than 200,000 points of self receive payments through Apple devices.

domingo, 25 de enero de 2015

Welcome back, dear readers.

For personal reasons, I have been a time without writing, and as you may have noticed, I am back. I keep telling news about Apple, the best way I can.

Thanks and see you here.

Image of the week: the new store in Hangzhou is already open, and it's awesome

Just over two weeks ago, Apple put a huge mural full of Chinese calligraphy created by Wang Dongling to announce the upcoming opening of the store of Hangzhou. The poster and alone as promised, but the store that was behind was even better looking. The top official image shown.

Even more pieces to collect

Hay multitud de cosas que Apple ha ido haciendo los últimos años y que están relacionadas con el Apple Watch. No en vano dijeron en su presentación que llevaban 3 años trabajando en este dispositivo. Tenemos HomeKit (el cual, a pesar del retraso tiene "emocionada" a Apple) y una buena cantidad de accesorios ya adaptados a esta plataforma presentados durante el último CES.

The long-term goal of Apple Watch

The techies have a great ability to say why things will not work but very bad to say why do go to work. This is a bug that got rid none. They have written dozens of articles and debated to unknown about why Apple Watch will fail limits, but rarely have we stopped to think why it might succeed.

There are a lot of doubts in the air that Apple must clear before marketing. Despite this, there are surveys that 10% and 18% of iPhone users would be interested in Apple Watch. Is something rash ask the audience for a product that is not available, but it serves to measure the level of trust and generated interest in the company's early adopters.

MacBook Air 12 ", tactile and interactions with virtual controls sight: Rumorsfera

The first months of any year within the Apple world are abuzz with rumors. Straddling the preceding months to come, expectations, interests and perspectives sometimes materialize in various unconfirmed reports, which do not cease to be an important ingredient in the history of the Cupertino company. We started the year still timidly, but interesting things begin to emerge:

  • One of the strongest rumors of the week was the possible leak of the first images of the new MacBook Air 12 ". According, the new Mac would not count on the illuminated apple and would look similar to the MacBook Pro frame with Retina display (not to say that this new Air count on it). a lot comes to mind the mythical PowerBook 12 "and for that alone, we are looking forward to seeing this new version (if in the end it materializes).

The original Apple Watch dated 1995 ... and was called Circa.

Who would have thought that the concept of Apple Watch out something new for Apple, the reality is that it rains it pours, at least in name. Joking aside, it turns out that there was already an Apple Watch and this dates back to 1995, was called Circa.

But do not think that this is a previous SmartWatch in time. It's actually a clock without more and was a limited promotion for all Apple users that were updated to version 7.5 for Mac OS. A gift for purchasing the new OS version then.

A curious design with a blue anodized aluminum and colorful Apple logo so beloved nostalgic (including myself). In the video you can see as a user of Youtube, Jonathan Morrison, owner of one of them, took it to CES 2015 to teach and see the reactions of some of its participants (including the famous benders iPhone 6 plus).

Framed is one of the best games of 2014 and you can download for free for a limited time

Download | Frame for iOS 7.0 or later (free for a limited time, universal) on the App Store

This is one of those stories to hopefully arrive early because few times a game with so many awards and rave reviews as Frame decides to reduce its price to zero for a limited time. Luckily this is one of those times and hope you can enjoy it without having to pay the 4.99 euros it costs to.

Even with that price adventure Loveshack really worth, but beyond the pleasant experience that awaits us with this change of scenes in which we decide how come our hero to the finish, the replayability of the game is quite limited and, together to its short duration, making it a difficult title to sell to the public.

I imagine the trailer and I have made it clear where the shots. The idea here is that, based on visual cues and classic mechanic trial and error, we place the bullets in the correct order to avoid the dangers that are happening.

He has given numerous festivals around the globe videogames and self Hideo Kojima, creator of the Metal Gear Solid saga, called it the best game of 2014. I do not know if I would say both, but either as it is a highly recommended download. Especially now that will not cost you a penny.

sábado, 24 de enero de 2015

Apple captured half of U.S. mobile phone activations in Q4, demand still at record high

Record sales of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus propelled Apple to dominance in the smartphone market in the US during the holidays and demand is reaching record levels, the individual reports issued on Friday, so indicate.

One in two mobile phones activated in the US 1 October to 31 December were iPhones, according to a survey by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners 500 buyers. Second Samsung took 26 percent of the market, with South Korean firm LG mate in third place at 11 percent.

Apple's share increased significantly from 28 percent of the company booked in the previous quarter. CIRP attributed the jump to consumers waiting for the iPhone 6 release before buying a new device, a pattern that has been repeated throughout the life of the iPhone.

Samsung comparatively reduced 5 percent sequentially. LG was 8 percent in the same period.

"By every measure, 2014 Apple phone launch was a success," said co-founder Josh Lowitz CIRP a releae. "iPhones took loyal Apple customers, with 86% of buyers upgrading from an iPhone. Samsung and LG saw rates much lower fidelity, with 25% of owners of Samsung and 18% of owners LG that triggered a phone in the neighborhood switch to an iPhone ".

Those numbers look set to continue, as 56 percent of consumers plan to buy a smartphone in the next 90 days said they have an eye on an iPhone. The research firm surveyed 451 Research surveyed 4,126 "mainly Americans" to reach that conclusion.

That number is down from the 71 percent who planned to buy before the release of iPhone 6, but still represents a huge advantage over Samsung, which ranks second with 18 percent of the purchase intention in itself a modest increase 5 percent sequentially. It is the highest level of demand for iPhone at this point in the product cycle from 451 began tracking, the firm said.

Apple's decision to increase the size of the iPhone screen seems to have played a role, with 60 percent of likely buyers saying they prefer a screen size over 5 inches.

China, Huge crowds gather for Apple Store grand opening in Hangzhou

Apple has opened the doors to its new West Lake Apple Store in China today, letting throngs of eager customers into one of the company's largest retail outlets in Asia.

As promised earlier this week, Apple officially started sales at the West Lake Apple Store in Hangzhou, the first of five Chinese outlets to slated to open ahead of the Chinese New Year on Feb. 19.

The grand opening was celebrated by Apple CEO Tim Cook, who posted a rare tweet to mark the occasion.

"Starting Something New in Hangzhou, China!" Cook's tweet read, followed by the hashtag #AppleStoreWestLake. Cook seldom uses his social networking account to promote newly opened Apple Stores, but the Hangzhou location is an important first step in extending the company's reach into mainland China.

Last week, Apple SVP of Retail Angela Ahrendts reveals plans to open five Chinese stores before the Chinese New Year, the first being West Lake. Ahrendts' announcement is in line with Apple's lofty goal of opening 25 retail locations in China by the end of 2016.

The task manager jump to Mac

In mid-2013, the tasks of Any.Do deeply renewed and joined a new calendar application. At the time I I reviewed the news and said, where is the support for other Apple devices is? Well, better late than never, because Any.Do has submitted its application for OS X since its official blog.

Besides synchronize tasks we have done from the mobile transparently Any.Do will open on your Mac with an interface that inherits the minimalism of the application for iOS. We can manage tasks between teams of people (adding comments and attachments), organize our personal tasks following the GTD system and access all functions from an icon in the menu bar.

The application is free from the Mac App Store, although a subscription of $ 2.99 a month or $ 26.99 per year gives us access to change the appearance of the program, generating reminders based on our geolocation and priority access in the holder. Any.Do can be very complex, but at the same time as the manager of simple tasks that take the first steps to become more productive. And with this new version for Mac, it's a good time to give it a try.

Microsoft is approaching Webkit with his new browser

Although Joe Belfiore maximum measured his words during the official presentation of Project Spartan, the new web browser that will take over Explorer in Windows 10, it is certain that the executive vice president of Microsoft operating systems can not deny the obvious: WebKit it has become the de facto standard in web rendering engines and follow tied for compatibility with earlier versions of Explorer is a drag.

"A new rendering engine that was designed to be compatible with the way the web today is written," said Belfiore quickly before moving on to the next feature, knowing full well that we might replace the last part of this sentence a word, WebKit. And tuned because we're not talking to follow the standards of the World Wide Web Consortium -W3C-.

Welcome to the twenty-first century: The App Store already generates more revenue than Hollywood

Asymco has announced a series of data and graphs that show us, once again, how big business has become the App Store. It has happened over this past year: the iOS App Store has surpassed Hollywood film industry revenue. What's more, there are developers that already charge more than some movie actors.

Directors like Ridley Scott may have you much envy these figures: 10,000 million dollars paid to developers during 2014, which in turn have accumulated 25,000 million in revenue. In other words, iOS developers have admitted 40% of the total money last year alone. Sign that we are growing well.

According China, Apple would have accepted that the Chinese government inspect their products

Here is one such information for now we have to take with tweezers. According to Beijing News, a means of China, Apple would have given permission for the State Internet Information Office of the Chinese government to inspect iOS devices and Macs have been sold in the country.

The reason: the Chinese administration has been long suspected of Apple products and their safety, claiming that could be the means to spy on members of the government. For this reason it was rumored the prohición buying these devices if you were part of the government, and Tim Cook calmed the community with an open letter in which he said "has ever offered 'backdoors' your software and services to agencies and it never will. "

Chester Chipperfield, Vice President at Burberry, Apple enters to help launch your Watch

If the predictions of a launch in late March are certain, missing two months before the Apple Watch is in the streets. And even with this short term, Cupertino still hiring executives. The latter has been Chester Chipperfield, who until now had been vice president of digital and interactive design in Burberry.

Exactly, I mean the same Burberry wealth has come from the new vice president of the Retail division: Angela Ahrendts. Apparently Chestar have much experience selling digital products in stores, and can contribute much in the process of launching the Apple Watch the Apple Store worldwide. In his LinkedIn profile, Chestar has already made official the signing pointing working on special projects division of Apple.

Apple is "thrilled" with the growing number of companies working on products HomeKit

Been nearly eight months since Apple submit in partnership HomeKit, August iOS API dedicated to the automation of our home, and it is expected that the first compatible devices still take three or four months to get to the shops. It's not what is said record time, right?

HomeKit allow us to do things like ask Siri to turn off the lights, lock the doors, adjust the heating or connect the alarm; and will also be possible to group the instructions we want under a single action for this automation ballet begins in unison when we leave home no matter what products we use more than one brand.

Since then promises, and although it would have been great to start testing all these things in September with the release of iOS 8 Bluetooth and Wifi chips compatible with HomeKit were delayed. Texas Instruments, Marvell and Broadcom, Apple approved manufacturers did not begin to supply until early November, and even then they did using a beta version of its Apple firmware version while finalizing the protocol.

Da Vinci 11

DaVinci Resolve 11 beta is now available

For now it is a beta, not the final version but fully functional without problems preventing work with. These are the features:

About DaVinci Resolve Lite Software

DaVinci Resolve Lite includes all the same high quality processing of the full DaVinci Resolve. However it limits projects to UHD resolutions or less, a single processing GPU and a single RED Rocket card. Stereoscopic 3D features, noise reduction, Power Mastering, remote grading, and sharing projects using an external database server are features only offered in the full DaVinci Resolve and so are not included in this free DaVinci Resolve Lite edition. If you need these additional features, you can purchase the full DaVinci Resolve Software for only US$995.

What’s new in DaVinci Resolve 11.0

  • New Features Overview
  • Multi-user collaborative workflow with simultaneous editing, grading and metadata entry (Full Version only)
  • User selectable enhanced and optimised foreground and background render caching
  • Completely New Multiple Level Render Caching includes selectable cache points for source, nodes, clip and timeline, cache indicators on edit and color page showing selection and status of cache and user selectable cache formats;
  • ProRes, DNxHD, Uncompressed 10-bit and 16-bit float
  • Project setting to enable/disable background render caching
  • Dual monitor user interface support
  • Apple certified ProRes decode and encode support on Linux
  • High performance OpenFX framework extension for multi GPU OpenCL and CUDA plugins
  • GUI support for multiple languages; English, Japanese and Chinese
  • User customizable keyboard shortcuts and presets
  • Multiple auto save versions

Media Page
  • Clone tool for SD Cards, SSDs and disk drives includes multiple destination clone and checksum report
  • New reveal or hide clip metadata window option
  • Media Pool thumbnail clip detail popup now displays clip frame rate
  • Split Clip operation automatically moves the focus to the newly created clip
  • Camera metadata support for RED and Sony Raw clips

Editing and Assembly
  • Keyboard absolute or relative timecode input for all viewers and timeline
  • Create Timeline Using Bin and Create Timeline Using Selected Clips to quickly assemble a timeline from any media in the media pool, with or without mark in/out preserved and using original clip order
  • Full JKL transport control now includes frame by frame
  • Source/Timeline viewer playhead ganging
  • Split video and audio in and out points on source and timeline viewers
  • Slide source destination selector in the track control manager
  • Shift click and drag to constrain clips in time while moving them to higher or lower tracks
  • Ability to deselect a gap by clicking it
  • Through Edit Indicator on the timeline with join through edit command
  • 4-up display for slip and slide
  • Option-dragging the top or bottom of a simple edit point turns it into a split edit point
  • Option arrow key to move clips vertically up and down tracks
  • Sub-clips are easily generated using the viewer
  • End of timeline is now indicated on the viewer
  • Editable names for video tracks
  • Timeline tracks display number of clips on the track
  • Inspector selector for Video, Audio, OpenFX adjustment options
  • User defined favorite transitions, titles OpenFX plugins and generators
  • Editing of compound clips
  • Stereo Decision List import supported via ColorTrace
  • Added support for AAF import/export for Avid Superimpose effect as normal composite with opacity
  • Added support for double-clicking the clip shown in the filmstrip to open the clip in source viewer

Trim Edits
  • You can now always roll and edit in selection or Trim mode
  • Trim Start and Trim End let you resize the in or out point of a clip that intersects the playhead to the current playhead position
  • Symmetrical and Asymmetrical trimming with multiple selections at once
  • Extend edit command for single and multiple edit selections
  • JKL dynamic trimming to dynamically resize or trim the selected edit
  • JKL dynamic Slip or Slide to dynamically slip or slide the selected clip
  • Option U key will now toggle Edit Point Type
  • U shortcut selection will switch a selected clip among Video+Audio, Video Only, Audio Only / shortcut selection to Play Around Clip
  • Move/Trim/Edit a selected edit or selection of clips based on timecode entry

  • Audio crossfade with 0dB, +3dB and –3dB transition options
  • Adaptive audio track option to map up to 16 audio channels
  • Clip audio mixer
  • Numeric editing of audio mixer fader value
  • Option to use system audio even when Desktop Video is selected for use
  • Source viewer audio waveform display with each audio channel displayed
  • Multiple zoom selection for audio in source viewer
  • Track audio mixer offers mono channel routing
  • Display of multiple channel audio waveforms in user selected timeline audio clip

  • Add default transition to selected edit points
  • Default transition contextual menu includes duration selections
  • Inspector now includes a transitions duration parameter
  • Inspector includes transition start on edit, center on edit and end on edit options
  • Also includes ease in, ease out and ease in/out transition options
  • Concurrently add transitions to multiple selected edit points
  • Extend edit command to extend clips to the playhead
  • Oval Transition now includes aspect ratio support
  • Default transition support
  • Favorite transitions indicators
  • Command drag and bump a clip in a track generates a dissolve
  • Image dissolve modes, Video, Film, Additive, Subtractive, Highlights and Shadows
  • New transitions - Box, Heart, 5 Star, Triangle

  • Edit keyframe timeline with curve editor including spline based (bezier) ease-in/ease-out and linear selections
  • Graphics files have default duration for editing
  • Copy and paste all attributes to multiple clips
  • OpenFX plug-ins can now be used for transitions and generators
  • Retime Clip menu now also appears on the right click contextual menu

  • Extension of rich title generation tools including stroke size and color, over/underline and strikeout, tracking, line spacing and capitalization
  • Underline and behind graphic bars for text

Timeline list
  • Timeline Folders to manage timelines in the timeline list
  • Addition of Creation and Modified Date data in timeline list
  • Name, creation and modified date filters for timeline list
  • Pop-up menu to filter out all but .xml or .aaf for .edl files in the xml, aaf and edl importer

Markers and Edit Index
  • Add markers to Source Clips, in the Source Viewer of Media or Edit pages, for reference
  • Add notes to flags and markers with color selection
  • Keyboard shortcuts to jump to previous/next markers
  • Option to ripple timeline markers when any track is rippled
  • Snapping on timeline markers
  • Flags and markers now shown in Edit Index
  • Additional Edit Index fields - start and end source timecodes, slate timecode, audio TC, resolution codec and source frame rate
  • Sort Edit Index with display selectors
  • The edit index list includes ‘Show Through Edits’ and Offline clips options
  • Added support for Import/Export timeline markers from EDL
  • Flags are stored and loaded from timeline clips instead of media clips for pre- conformed timeline

Additional Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Additional play commands - Play In to Out, Play Around In, Play Around Out, Play to Out.
  • Previous/Next Gap shortcuts - governed by auto selection
  • New shortcut key to focus on Media Pool Folder view
  • Command # keys to focus on Media Clips, Effects, and Edit Index

Color Page
  • Camera Raw palette now includes Highlight and Shadows recovery, Saturation, Contrast, Midtone Detail, Color Boost Lift and Gain controls
  • All Camera Raw controls now available on the BMD control panel
  • Highlight and shadow recovery, Color Boost and Midtone Detail now available in all corrector nodes
  • Color Chart based auto color balance
  • Enhanced grading Group management with Pre-Clip and Post-Clip node graphs
  • Additional keyer finesse controls for cleaner keys
  • Additional Split Screen group to show all highlight views
  • Split Screen has a new Show Outline option in View menu
  • Gallery stills and memories now selectable in one Split Screen group
  • Grab stills is also available from group node graphs
  • New saturation vs saturation curve
  • New LAB colorspace selection in corrector nodes
  • Dense color matching for Stereoscopic 3D
  • Key lock option for node sizing to allow objects to be moved into selected area
  • Broadcast Safe out of limit display and soft clip level selection
  • Windows now include Opacity for greater control of isolations
  • Multiple layer OpenEXR support in the node graph
  • Gallery page now directly accessible from the Color page
  • Single frame track forward and backward mode using for complicated tracks
  • Updated Softlight composite mode
  • Timecode type display selection now uses a context menu
  • Timeline markers and flags with notes now shown on Color page
  • Multiple user named PowerGradeTM Albums
  • Node icons to display tools used on each node
  • Node editor mute icon to display when bypassed
  • Option click Enhance Viewer mode to display full screen viewer
  • Option to hide the mini timeline
  • Tint control for Arri Raw files
  • Phantom Raw debayer improvements
  • Automatic dead pixel concealment for PhantomCine
  • Color page viewer toolbar for selection of viewer and modes
  • Video scopes now refresh in real time
  • CinemaDNG RAW settings includes new 4K Production Camera specific log curve
  • Shift Down + Ref On/Off can be used to Invert Wipe on the Resolve Control Surface
  • Added support for H/V ratio when using extreme blurs beyond 1.0
  • Added ability to use alpha output of OFX plugins from a node

Deliver Page
  • Improved H264 encoding including bitrate control (Mac and Windows only)
  • Support for AAC audio encoding (Mac only)
  • Expanded render queue for clearer display of render jobs
  • Render source clips at source resolution option easyDCP generation now support inclusion of subtitles
  • Folder path retention now selectable from top or bottom of folder path
  • Render settings refined into standard, intermediate and advanced lists to speed selection
  • Option to use cache for rendering when cache resolution matches render resolution

General Enhancements
  • Updated BMDFilm and BMDFilm4K to Rec709 LUTs
  • VFX I/O LUTs for BMDFilm and BMDFilm4K
  • BMDFilm and BMD4KFilm IDTs for ACES workflows with ProRes source material
  • Native ACES support for RED r3d files
  • Support for Red SDK 5.0
  • Users can now use drag and drop to move projects in the Project Manager
  • Support for new ACES 0.7.1 standard
  • Selectable ACES version in Master Project Settings
  • Supports easyDCP IMF encoding and decoding
  • Shared media path mapping support for sharing/moving projects between Mac, * Linux and Windows systems
  • Grass Valley HQX and HQ Quicktime encoding and decoding on Mac and Windows
  • MXF OP1a encoding support to allow video and audio in the same file
  • 12 bit RGB DPX decoding and encoding support
  • Option to select 6G-SDI in UHD monitoring mode
  • Decoding of Panasonic MTS video
  • Decoding support for Sony RAW Metadata
  • LZW compression option for TIFF rendering
  • 12-bit 4:4:4 video monitoring support with Decklink 4K Extreme and Ultrastudio 4K (up to Stereo 2K DCI)
  • 12-bit 4:4:4 video monitoring support with DVS Atomix (up to 4K DCI) - Linux only
  • 4:2:2 4K 60P video monitoring support with DVS Atomix - Linux only
  • Added support for 44.1 KHz audio
  • Support for OpenEXR 2.1
  • On the DaVinci Control Surface. Shift Down + Ref On/Off will now Invert Wipe

Minimum system requirements for Mac
  • Mac OS X 10.8.5 Mountain Lion * 12 GB of system memory is recommended and 8 GB is the minimum supported * Blackmagic Design Desktop Video version 9.9.3 or later * CUDA Driver version 6.0.37 * NVIDIA Driver version – As required by your GPU * RED Rocket-X Driver and Firmware or later * RED Rocket Driver and Firmware or later