domingo, 1 de febrero de 2015

Jony Ive was "haunted" by her jealousy of Yahoo Weather app

One of the first projects Marissa Mayer oversaw Yahoo as CEO of the company was the app for iOS Yahoo Weather weather information. The app received very good reviews and my partner Samuel Campos defined it as "the perfect example of how an application for time can be extremely useful and beautiful at the same time."

Meanwhile, inside the headquarters of Apple, Jonathan Ive not remain oblivious to launch while working against the clock in the comprehensive redesign of iOS 7 and its own app for the weather. Attentive to what Unveils Business Insider Nicholas Carlson in his latest book, Marissa Mayer and the Fight to Save Yahoo (Marissa Mayer and the struggle to save Yahoo):

On May 1, 2013, Marissa Mayer ran into Jony Ive, the famous Apple designer, at an industry event. 
Ive sidled up to Mayer and, in a confiding tone, told her, “I’m tormented by the Weather app, Marissa.” 
Yahoo had just released an app called Yahoo Weather. It drew from Yahoo’s photo-sharing site, Flickr, to show users photos of their approximate location in weather conditions similar to the day ahead. So a snowy day in New York would feature a picture of Central Park covered in white. 
“I’m so jealous,” said Ive, in his British accent. “I don’t get jealous.” 
Mayer replied, “Jony, if the Weather app made you jealous, we’ve got something up our sleeve on Flickr that’s going to make you want to die.” 
“Oh, go to hell.”

Three weeks later, Flickr premiered a new more modern design, based on the same trends that Ive had decided to stick with iOS 7 presented a month later during the WWDC 2013: absolute minimalism, thin sources, blurs and no frills, turning the contained in the absolute protagonist.

The similarities between the redesign of the app time the app iOS 7 and Yahoo did not go unnoticed by anyone, and one day after opening Keynote from Apple Developers Conference, the company gave Yahoo Weather an Apple Design Award for its excellent design.