domingo, 1 de febrero de 2015

Listed shares of Apple highs again

Thing two months ago, Apple confirmed his recovery from a relatively bland time to market levels with its shares reaching $ 119.65 and its market valuation exceeding 700,000 million. And now that shareholders know how well has the iPhone 6, it appears that these actions have again encouraged bounds close to $ 120.

The forecasts are optimistic, especially if markets are closed today and Apple shares will remain above $ 119. That could allow the dream of some wolves of Wall Street are met and the Cupertino company comes to have its shares above $ 130.

Nor forget that bet is already rather wild: Apple reaching the historic market valuation of a billion dollars. If no changes or more splits, shares would have to exceed $ 170.92. Difficult but not impossible, knowing that 2015 may be a key year with more iPhones and a new Apple Watch.

Carl Icahn, in fact, continues to advocate that Apple may be much more valuable than it is and commitment that actions can be up to $ 203 per share. According to him, investing in Apple "drawer is" right now. So far the predictions of the "comeback" rumored a year ago have been met, more or less.