domingo, 1 de febrero de 2015

Tesla shows displeasure to develop your application for Apple Watch

In mid-November, Apple launched the first development kit for future applications of Apple Watch, with developers has been working to get to know the features and capabilities that can incorporate the Apple clock pointing her out for some time April.

Since its announcement in the keynote past, we have seen how Apple has boasted us the interface and some of the performance of applications that integrate his watch, but little we have seen of third party applications, with Tesla one of the first to show a real preamp future implementation, plus some comments about the experience to develop it.

According Eleks Lab, in this first WatchKit found that the technical capabilities promised by Apple are far short of expectations because in trying to implement everything necessary to track and having real-time information of Tesla Model S, many features are not yet available. For example, developers do not have access to the gyroscope, accelerometer, and voice capabilities through the microphone and tactile notifications, plus the GPS only works when paired with an iPhone.

Markiyan Matsekh, Eleks Developer Lab understands that this is a first version of the SDK, and hopes that a new version that enable these tools will soon be released. Despite this, Tesla has already completed a first step of your application where you can discover different car information such as load level, temperature, mileage, controls to open or close the doors and turn on the headlights, including a map displays the vehicle's location.

As the days go see how companies are beginning to show their previous applications specially designed for Apple Watch, which incidentally according to sources close to MacRumors, Apple has already spoken with some of the biggest brands in two weeks to deliver applications, which will begin to try and be the first to join the App Store paving the way for his arrival in April.