viernes, 30 de mayo de 2014

Apple will broadcast live the "amazing" keynote

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Apple Special Event. June 2, 2014.

Watch streaming video from this special event and learn more about our exciting announcements.

Live streaming video requires Safari 4 or later on OS X v10.6 or later; Safari on iOS 4.2 or later. Streaming via Apple TV requires second- or third-generation Apple TV with software 5.0.2 or later.

Apple has updated the section of their web publishing in official presentations with the page on which broadcast live the opening keynote of the upcoming Worldwide Developers Conference Apple's WWDC 2014. The event will take place on Monday 2 June at 10am. It is expected that the first displayed Apple iOS OS X 8 and 10.10 with the launch of some new developments in the field of hardware.

Follow the Keynote with us

At 10:00 AM Pacific 
At 11:00 in Guatemala 
At 12:00 in Mexico, Colombia, Peru and Ecuador 
At 12.30 in Venezuela 
At 13:00 in Chile 
At 14:00 in Argentina 
At 19:00 in Spain

What people think about the "supposed" new iPhone6

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For weeks it is circulating the network a mockup of an supposed iPhone 6. This mockup would be designed according to the specs leaked earlier this month, which would show an iPhone with a 4.7 inch screen, a much thinner thickness and a metallic finish that brought us the iPhone 5S. 

Each release of the iPhone, has always introduced design changes, with consequent acceptance or rejection by the users. How users react to this course redesigned iPhone in June? YouTube user urAvgConsumer has taken the mockup to different users to see him and give their opinions. And the truth is that they are quite interesting.

It is striking that all interviewees release a "Wow! just at the time when they teach the mockup. When they have it in their hands realize that it is not real, but still give their opinions about it. Some users say that which no longer looks like an iPhone and it reminds them too much like a Galaxy; also added that do not need a big screen and that for them the size of the phone it is important. 

There is also another type of user who wants a bigger screen better, require renewed design by Apple and need to renew their phone just because it has come out a better choice.

Test Healthbook concept

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Healthbook is one of the developments that are expected to arrive with iOS version 8. The application would be the data center that would unify all the information related to health. From the activity, sleep, food and even other data such as heart rate, Cholesterol. Sure, as long as the rumors and information "leaked" is true.

As we have seen physical mockups of supposed iPhone 6, a user has created a prototype of how it would Healtbook. An application with an interface based on cards like Passbook and that there is little more to tell until you really know what will be monitored.

You can also try the app healthbook concept in the following website

jueves, 29 de mayo de 2014

Financial Times: "Apple is preparing its own platform for smart homes"

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According to the Financial Times, Apple is developing its own platform for smart homes. A system that would use our iPhone, and iOS devices in general, as the control center for our home. Thus being able to turn on lights, control security, appliances and more.

News that sounds powerful, but the options that Apple could be integrated into the operating system itself, rather than what would do. And, today, we have systems through the use of third-party apps that allow us all that through products such as Welmo Belkin, Placed...

But that "Apple style" and the choices that come with iOS 8 which is attractive and exciting. Imagine finally open source Siri for third-party apps with voice commands and control to get home.

The Apple smart home

A platform for the Apple smart home is something important but which responds to actions other manufacturers like Samsung or Google are already taking place. Of course, here, you never know who had thought of before. In order of announcement is clear that Apple is the last to arrive but if we look back we see some movements are now engaging with this alleged new intelligence platform.

First of all would be the new AppleTV settings. As you recall, configured our AppleTV with a simple touch, thanks to our iPhone without entering Apple ID. Then there is the issue of iBeacon, the AS under sleeve iOS 7. With this technology we have seen that you can implement numerous possibilities both in shops, public places or even the home. For example, Placed or MOCA platform.

Continuing, we see now the recent rumor of including NFC in the iPhone. Apple always said not to consider including an immature technology, the fact is that it is very useful and convenient for setting / pair devices with a single touch. So why not use it now. The truth is that the WWDC is a few days and we will focus on iOS and OS X.

Two new lines: the music of Esa-Pekka Salonen and travel by Cherie King

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Apple Launches New "Verse" from its advertising campaign with the iPad. This time speaks of Esa-Pekka Salonen pianist and their application to bring all the secrets of classical music to the general public. In the video we see the same Esa-Pekka with his iPad composing various parts of a classic song and then testing it with his orchestra.

The other verse, the travel writer Cherie King, shows that even suffering from deafness can travel around the world with the help of an iPad to communicate in other languages​​, navigate maps, make videoconferencing, store pictures in networks social and search for information.

Here are the videos of both "verse":

miércoles, 28 de mayo de 2014

Rumors: the myth of iPhone 6

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One of the effects of large waves is the effect of recoil prior to arrival. Less than a week to get the WWDC2014 Apple rumors are paused and machinery generate stops looking. What we will see on June 2 will be the first official presentation of the company unveiling its plans for new versions of OS X and iOS operating systems, and maybe one more surprise.

However, we are thinking in a year with new generation of iPhone, and exclusive leaks are still slipping through the cracks of the network. Meanwhile, this is what we have:

  • No doubt the iPhone 6 will generate more prototypes generated from the curious. We have already seen, combining everything we "know" so far, different interpretations of how it could be. Now it is the turn to case manufacturers who have created an aluminium model to generate products for the new release, according with MacRumors. And watch out, these leaks have historically never been far from the actual product...
  • Another rumor most commented this past week are the pictures of the possible LED light panel that the new iPhone 6. Apparently, Apple will incorporate the latest in LED technology to thin even more the new model, according to MacRumors would be considerably thinner than the iPhone 5s, for example.
  • This section talked a lot of "how" will be, but we must also assess the affectations of these changes and their impact on iPhone ecosystem. In 9to5Mac published an interesting article on how a larger iPhone will force developers to rethink their applications: iOS is ready for dynamic scaling, however, is the task of the programmers use this space to the fullest, and now seems to have much more that should be better utilized.
  • Another article I liked reading this week is publishing in TechNightOwl on quality control at Apple, and how every little problem is even software level makes them start over the whole process. I think reading it will be very useful to understand that any rumor about Apple security is a process that can not be the fastest, but is intended to be the most accurate.
  • Finally, a very good article by Mark Wilson to FastCoDesign: four myths about Apple, viewed by an ex-designer of the company. Well thought out, realistic and that we should come in handy to read when some fake try to sneak a impossible design: Apple are probably the best, but they are still human. Nothing iPhones with projected holographic display and keyboard...for now.

John Harper, the creator of Core Animation signed by Facebook

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The entry and exit of personnel in any company is normal. Sure some movements are more important than others, by position held by or for their contributions. The contribution of John Harper was important although many may be a complete stranger. He was responsible for the design and implementation of Core Animation on the iPhone debut in 2007

Rumor: 14 June, Apple Store in Puerta del Sol (Madrid)

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The voice has spread like wildfire on Twitter: there seems to be movement in the Apple Store in Puerta del Sol, where they changed the black wall that was some time ago by another white wall. In addition, several sources have coincided at the same time claiming that shuffles the June 14 opening day as possible. One Saturday, that you will appreciate many locals.

lunes, 26 de mayo de 2014

The Apple Stores celebrate 13 years

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This month, celebrate 13 years of the opening the first Apple Store in the world in a mall in Virginia, on the east coast of the United States. The exact date of the opening was on May 19, 2001. When talking about Apple, everyone has an opinion about what to do. Systematically, the California company takes the opposite to everyone who gives advice. Wall Street analysts and the media claim that Apple is wrong again and again.

Problem on Mac Pro with OS X 10.9.3 Mavericks

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When there are major software upgrades I am always in favor of waiting a couple of weeks to see if the new update causes major problems and bugs. According to several users have reported the OS X 10.9.3 update is causing problems on the Mac Pro's GPU.

Hackers manage to circumvent the blocking system and activating iPhone

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The news has come through a Dutch newspaper, where two Hackers gave data on the possible violation of the locking system of stolen iPhone. This breach allowed them to trick the iPhone and get the unlock, which would allow resell stolen iPhones that had been remotely locked using iCloud and Find My iPhone.

Apple is positioned between the most highly valued companies in its treatment of the employee

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This is one of those data that you particularly strange due to the news place in recent years. After the bad news in the press related to the treatment used in some of the suppliers Apple, we now see that Apple's efforts are starting to bear fruit.

sábado, 24 de mayo de 2014

Surprises at WWDC 2014

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The big event for Apple developers approaching. Just get a week to start the WWDC 2014, and we are all biting our nails to see the traditional inaugural Keynote in which Apple put its cards on the table for much of the year.

Google snatches Apple the title of most valuable brand

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100 Top BrandZ is a rating system of marks used a methodology based on the financial results and contributions of the brand innovation that generate interest and appreciation for the said brand. In this list Apple took 3 consecutive years as the first, but Google has snatched the first place this year. 

Apple updates OS X Server with improvements in calendar and profile manager

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Long ago OS X Server went from being a distinct OS X operating system generally just be a complement of several applications, but that does not mean Apple has forgotten to work to please those who use the platform to manage groups of Macs or servers. OS X Server has been updated with several enhancements that focus primarily on its stability.

Word Lens for iOS Free

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Do youemember Word Lens?, the popular translator based on augmented reality was highlighted by Apple in the latest announcement of the iPhone 5S. Well, just a week after the purchase of their creators, Quest Visual, by Google, the app just got entirely free to all. 

viernes, 23 de mayo de 2014

Notifyr allows us to see iOS notifications on your Mac

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Notifications of applications are a feature of any smartphone for most of us feel a kind of love-hate. On the one hand warn us what we want but at the other end can be a complicated ordeal becoming controlling. Yet there are applications that allow us to optimize them, one of them is Notifyr.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and 3 for OS X

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We have good news for fans of video games on Mac: Aspyr has released versions for OS X Call of Duty:. Modern Warfare 2 and 3 both acclaimed titles, some already huge Call of Duty series, are available from today on Steam and the official store GameAgent developer. 

jueves, 22 de mayo de 2014

Apple Updates iWork beta for

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Apple has updated iWork beta for iCloud. The website from where we can create, edit and share iWork documents, has received new features that prepare you to more workload, plus some extra options to export files. 

Apple is negotiating traffic to your own CDN

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Apple may be riding his own CDN (Content Delivery Network), so stop relying on third parties such as Akamai and quality control with the contents of the company reaching users. Well according Streaming Media these plans going forward, with the addition that Apple is negotiating priority traffic with internet providers.

Microsoft strikes back with new Surface Pro 3

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Microsoft has presented this afternoon in New York the new Surface Pro 3, his third attempt in the tablets. It has done so on the scale comparing a tablet that comes with a vocation to replace your laptop against undisputed king: the MacBook Air. 800 grams and 9.1 mm thick for the third generation of Surface with 12 inches compared to 1.35 kg and 1.7 cm to the 13-inch Macbook Air. Not bad, really.

miércoles, 21 de mayo de 2014

Walter Isaacson: Apple purchase Beats for enhancing the TV

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Much has been said about the possible purchase of Beats Electronics from Apple, which should be confirmed along this week: that if they do it for the music subscription service, that if the talent and skills of Jimmy Iovine..., but the author of the official biography of Steve Jobs, Walter Isaacson thinks it's something else: television.

Groupon has Gnome. A sales platform centric iPad

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You can use your iPad as a POS in your business. Since Groupon is offering with this new application that have submitted, but was not intended to be in turn your iPad into a terminal POS for your small business, but rather beyond offering an exciting prospect for the merchant solution.

Very passionate, approachable, very Apple

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"Very passionate, approachable, very Apple". This is what employees have reviewed some Apple Store who have already received a visit from his new boss, Angela Ahrendts. The executive took over Apple Retail and online company store a few days ago, but has not done so noteworthy that nothing can be seen from outside.

Behind the scenes: Bentley ad recorded with the iPhone 5s

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The new Bentley Mulsanne expectation Among advertisement created by users of Apple accessories used by the iPhone 5s for recording . Now , Austin Reza , by the accessories used with the iPhone 5s for recording. Now, Austin Reza, Creative Director in Reza & Co agency responsible for the piece, discover us one to one all the equipment they used. The best is that despite what we might initially think, and except for a few exceptions, the cost of all of them is quite small so pay attention if you want to make your first steps into the world of photography and video recording with the iPhone.

Apple recycling program in iPhones and iPads in the Spanish Apple Store

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Apple just sent us a press release confirming that its Reuse and Recycling Program for iPhone and iPad hits the Spanish Apple Store. This program has already been seen recently in the United States and other countries, and this time the expansion into our territory has been rapid. 

martes, 20 de mayo de 2014

Videohance: videos Instagram style

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Instagram included the ability to add videos fifteen seconds to your social network to share photos with effects and filters for a while now, but maybe for some fans that's not enough. What if we want more video editing options or longer and / or higher quality? Videohance is your iPhone app.

lunes, 19 de mayo de 2014

Note to collectors: original Apple logos are auctioned

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There are very few of the authentic, but Apple is one such company that leads some people to collect all their products and even some unrepeatable objects. Now they have the opportunity to expand the collection with original signs that were in the Cupertino offices, put up for auction at Bonhams web. 

Image of the week: the iBeacons are useful even in our bags

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No longer happen: always think everything has already thought for iBeacons that Apple is pushing in its stores and beyond them, but some people use the technology to make clear that there is still much to discover. As the developer of iOS Scott Newman, who has used a iBeacon in one of his bags.

The next resolution of the iPhone, graphene, NFC and 3D printers

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  • We started with one of the next battlefield between Apple and Samsung, the chemical compound called graphene. This compound, composed mainly by pure carbon, allow much thinner, resilient and can be bent devices. Screens, case.... many are the possibilities offered.

Apple has been sued by the error in iMessage

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Apple has been sued this week by appropriating the SMS user due to a bug in iMessage. Apparently there is a known bug for the last time for which retains iMessage SMS message sent to the user from iMessage, no matter if it is not in use or number or SIM card being used in a different terminal. 

Updated OS X: correction bug

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Someone must have done overtime in Cupertino: after updating to OS X 10.9.3 hiding the Users folder of our system in some cases, Apple has released a new update of iTunes that fixes the error and returns the folder in the root directory system. 

domingo, 18 de mayo de 2014

Red Clock, an complet and attactive alarm clock for our iPhone

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It is possible that your labor force you to being a large part of the day sitting at a computer, which probably means that your iPhone will always be on the table to get it quickly if you call someone. Red Clock is an application that leverages the phone while it is on the table, along with a clock showing useful to always have on hand information.

Bentley's new advertising has been recorded with the iPhone 5s and edited with an iPad Air

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One of the new Bentley Mulsanne, was the integration of two iPad Air with individual wireless Apple keyboards in a automatic trays enjoyment of the rear passengers. Bentley Motors now, perhaps inspired by the success of Burberry, has released a short documentary filmed entirely with the iPhone 5s ... well, yes, and lots of cool accessories too. 

Podcasts for iOS also updated with enhancements like integration with Siri

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Said and done. Linking with the release of iTunes 11.2 and improvements in exploring podcasts, Apple has also updated Podcasts, independent app for iOS, adding these and other exciting new features such as integration with Siri Support or CarPlay to access our subscriptions from the screen of a brand new Ferrari FF, for example. 

Reproduction of podcasts joins the long list of things we can ask Siri. Just say something like "play podcasts" or directly specified which you want to begin to listen and listen to music.

The settings of the app have also received a necessary restructuring that makes it easier to understand how they work options that previously existed like to automatically delete episodes once played. In general, everything is a little easier now also combining this useful function to optimize our storage with the option to save our favorite episodes.

Ah! I almost forgot. Do you want to share a particular podcast with a friend? Go to their description or slides down their list of episodes to find the Share button. Now you can pass a link to your favorite podcasts via AirDrop.

Apple has released OS X 10.9.3

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Apple has released 10.9.3 update in OS X Mavericks with improved stability, compatibility and security among which are extended with support 4K displays in the latest models of Mac Pro and MacBook Pro with Retina screen of 15 inches, and the added ability to sync contacts and calendars between a Mac and an iOS device via a USB connection. 

This new Mavericks version also includes Safari 7.0.3 with the usual update level security patches, fixes among other errors and problems with the Font Book, the reliability of VPN connections with IPSec, copy options, edit and inspect permissions on SMB servers, or stability to install configuration profiles.

As for iTunes 11.2, the update focuses on improving the exploration of podcasts with new features like the new tab "not played" access to the list of episodes to play or download more comfortably, an option to save our favorite episodes and disposal episodes automatically reproduced. Maybe dare update the Podcasts app for iOS. 

You will find both updates in the Mac App Store and if you were brave and installed public beta of OS X 10.9.3 you can be reassured to know that the final version passed without major drawbacks.

Pocket for Mac

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Sort the items you see, bookmark favorites and save it for future reference is very necessary for many of us. The amount of information out there on the Internet uphill sort and separate the good from the best. Pocket version for Mac makes this work very easy and can also read the posts downloaded without internet connection. 

We will see the launch of this app version for Mac, the different ways to store content and its integration with the iOS version. Although there is a web version of the app is, in my opinion, more achieved so let's focus on it.

Getting Started with Pocket for Mac

Once you download the app from the Mac App Store and has been installed, we will enter the details of our account if we do, give us high with Google Plus or create us a new one. If you have the iOS app and an associated account, the best you can do to get the most out of Pocket for Mac is to use the same credentials. As soon as you enter, you will see how all articles and content you download automatically, leaving the reading queue like on your iPhone or iPad. Synchronization between versions is perfect.

It is important that after you install Pocket plugin in the browser or browsers that you use in your everyday life. This plugin allows you to save the web page that you are at that point directly to the read queue with one click. It is available for the following browsers: Firefox, Chrome and Safari. Once installed, you will need to enter your username and password again so you can send content properly.

Reading and options in this app

Pocket for Mac offers a reading experience your content in a similar way iOS version. Save the item, open the app and you will be there waiting to read it offline if you wish. These are the options that can be operated from the interface (see picture, left to right):

  • Back.
  • Save: Save the file on your article and is no longer accessible offline.
  • Bookmark.
  • Remove.
  • Switch between Article View and Web View, especially useful if you like to read the comments.
  • Text Settings: You can change the font size, type and change the justification.
  • Add tags.
  • Share on social networks, email or open in the browser.
This app stands out for the classification of the articles that interest you according to the labels you have created and you have marked as favorites. Thus, if you ever need to search for information on a topic you have been collecting data, the whole process will be easier.

viernes, 16 de mayo de 2014

Final Cut Pro X and Proxy editing files

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Edit HD video is not limited to the last Mac with powerful processors and lots of RAM. Do it on older computers is possible. We just need to know how to harness its power and how to work more optimally. 

Any starting with video editing should know what video formats are the best to work with the selected application. In OS X, despite the criticism, one of the best options is Final Cut Pro X. The Apple's professional video editor allows us to make all kinds of issues and its price makes it one of the most attractive solutions.

When FCPX was presented watched how the number of video formats expanded. It was possible to edit AVCHD files imported from different cameras without resorting to converters. Of course is still more advisable to transcode ProRes since editing is more efficient. The "only" problem of working in ProRes is that the file size increases. A video 200MB happens to occupy 1GB approximately.

There are computers that can not handle this task, to solve it we have the option to edit using proxy files. A proxy file is a copy of our original material that the system creates and you will have a lower resolution than the original. Exactly 1/4 of the clip resolution. This helps the computer manage a lighter gross, so editing is facilitated file.

One example. Edit 4K on a MacBook Air is an impossible task. If we work with proxy files will conduct an issue with 1080p files, something the Mac can move with greater ease. Then once finished editing, when export is done using the files at full resolution. The proxy only serve as a reference and to facilitate editing. 

Editing in mobility

As you see, make use of the Proxy editing in FCPX not only allow us to do with our less powerful computers or even as a way to stretch the life of our Mac. Also provides us the ability to edit in mobility. That is, we can work on our Mac Pro or iMac with the original files and high resolution, but if we need to start while we are traveling, or want to continue at home on laptop we can too.

So we go to use the Proxy Edition. According to MacBreak explained how the idea is to create a library in FCPX where the original files are referenced and it just kept proxy material. Thus, we can take our laptop to the library, make any necessary edits and then copy back to our main Mac project. But I leave you with the video where the workflow you will see more clearly.

Image Capture, perhaps the most underestimated OS X application

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Many users do not know it, but OS X hides small applications that can meet many more functions than we think. Already demonstrated with TextEdit, which can replace Word or Pages for users who do not require a processor too complicated texts. Today, following the experienced with my students in classes that give training in Valencia, I will defend another application unjustly ignored: Image Capture. 

First, avoid confusion: I'm not talking action or capture screen in OS X or the Grab application: I speak of the Image Capture application that hides within the Other folder Launchpad. And never fails: whenever I reveal its capabilities to anyone, it is shocked.

Image Capture serves two major functions, so let's see them one by one. 

Import and manage images from external devices

What opens when you connect a camera to the Mac? iPhoto to import the photos to our photo library. What if we do not use iPhoto? In that case we can do transferring raw files with the Finder, or we can use Image Capture.

The application is able to recognize digital cameras and memory cards, showing a list or a mosaic all the images and giving us the option to import or delete the device comfortably. It also works with video, so we will not be reviewing any content.

A key feature of this is that Image Capture also recognizes iOS devices, making it a very useful program when we remove our entire photo roll for cleaning, importing all or part of your computer without complications and releasing space in our iCloud backups.

In this part, Image Capture is what clears me all doubts about these discs or USB flash drives with programs and utilities that bring compact cameras: no more install all that crap of applications will not use rarely and only take up space our Launchpad: OS X has everything you need for basic operations importing photos.

Scan images and documents

The other role played perfectly Image Capture is the scanning of documents. Here one can also say the same thing with importing pictures: we can completely dispense with all the host of utilities that usually come included with multifunction printers which always say "should" be installed to take advantage of all the capabilities of the scanner and / or printer. 

Nothing could be further from the truth: 99% of users just want to scan documents without complications, and Image Capture is able to do that without installing any add-on. Start the program and our scanner appear on the right sidebar of devices.

We have options to choose the resolution of the images, their size, rotation angle, we apply corrections to images and even if we are scanning a document can import it directly into PDF format without additional steps. I have not seen any manufacturers software or multifunction scanners do the same so simply.

jueves, 15 de mayo de 2014

Apple leads smartphone sales in Japan

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Being a leader in a market so advanced and technology as Japan is not easy. However, Apple has managed to position itself as the best-selling phone brand in Japan, beating competitors like Sony or Samsung. According to recent reports in the country right now, one of every three smartphones sold are iPhone, a fact said soon but it is a breakthrough for the brand. 

The "guilty" of this tremendous growth is the agreement with DoCoMo. Japan is a country where phones are purchased through contracts with carriers and DoCoMo, the largest company, refused to offer the iPhone on its plans until last October when he relented and began offering the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C in exchange for a royalty of 25%. 

The numbers are quite impressive: in its debut month of the iPhone took 61% of sales terminals DoCoMo, Apple getting this increase and subsequent sales presence in the market by 11.1%, from having some more than 25% to 36% of current market share. And talk about Apple profits could have won in Japan since the agreement with DoCoMo about $ 4 billion.

iPhone 6 ... 1704x960 pixels?

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All indications are that the next iPhone 6 will see significant changes in the display. It is speculated by the arrival of two models of 4.7 and 5.5 inches. 

According to 9to5mac, who refer to sources that are testing the new phone, Apple will use a resolution of 1704x960 pixels in their next phone, strange for conventional world but logic within the Apple ecosystem. Keep the same format including iPhone 5 and 5S, which would imply that the adaptation of applications to the new resolution. 

This resolution would be shared with the two phone sizes, 4.7 and 5.5 inches, and would be above 300 dpi that Apple requires to consider a Retina Display screen. They would be 416 and 356 dpi respectively, even above 326 ppi that Apple has been using for the iPhone 4. 

It seems that Apple will raise the screen size of the next iPhone 6, and logic tells us that with this increase will also increase the resolution. These 1704x960 pixels fall within the logic, but of course we have to consider having a lot of speculation. Surely in the next WWDC 2014 (2-6 June) it unveil a new feature of iOS 8, and perhaps also with him some new feature of the iPhone 6 is leaking, hopefully confirming many of the things that have been rumored in the recent months. Maybe some new feature of the iPhone 6 is also leaking in the coming days. 

Students at Columbia University created a system to run iOS apps on Android

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Six students of Columbia University in the United States have developed Cider, a system that lets you run Android apps on iOS. How we hear. Performance is not exactly great, but as proof of concept, get a compatibility layer between these operating systems is undoubtedly a singular feat. 

Cider is an architecture that modifies Android to mimic the application binary interface of iOS allowing it to run their binaries. For this, the new combination of techniques for compatibility between the two mechanisms that are used include: adaptation code at compile time and diplomatic functions. The first reduces the effort required to support multiple binary interfaces (iOS apps, and the Android), while the second allows iOS apps to access the Android libraries and interfaces of hardware and software. 

Looks complicated because it is. No talk of using a virtual machine, but something even more transparent at all levels, convincing the code of iOS apps that are running on the Apple XNU kernel instead Linux kernel of Android. Attentive to sample video done with a Nexus 7 tablet which runs Cider iOS apps like Yelp or iBooks. Yes, slow, but more or less functional. 

Note that at the moment it is only a prototype and its implementation is incomplete. The authors point out that today's phones and tablets equipped with many features that hope to use Android (including GPS, camera, Bluetooth, etc ...) that are not supported by Cider.

The students plan to continue their research and further develop Cider, but if you use Android and expect to download iOS apps shortly, better go saving for the iPhone 6. As the research project is great, but considering that the only official source for downloading apps is the App Store, how long do you think it will take Apple in iOS modify and / or Xcode to introduce additional security measures? And not to mention the army of lawyers eager to war.

Charity Day: Someone will eat with Tim Cook for $ 330,001

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The bid that Tim Cook started a few days ago, in which the CEO of Apple has auctioned a meal with him is over. This time, it has achieved $ 330,001 for donations in exchange to eat together. 

The meal will last one hour and will be in Apple's headquarters in Cupertino. And there is an added Tim Cook revealed a few days ago via a tweet: the lucky winner of the auction will also be a VIP guest at an Apple event. I think this is the next WWDC keynote. Personally I would ask to sit next to Jonathan Ive, the design to be commenting on all the news as presented, do not you think?

There is a reason that probably the winning bid is left in the middle of what was the first: the auction platform CharityBuzz now requires the authorization of a credit card, so adventurers who bid without funds could not do anything. Anyway, are more than $ 300,000 that will go to a good cause and a winner will enjoy a meal with the ultimate authority on Apple.