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Apple gains ownership of a patent on a new autofocus system for cameras

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This is one of those wars that are win with patent regulators. This is one of those wars that are won with regulators patents. Apple has once again impose its views on a system that will greatly benefit the quality of future cameras iPhones and iPads. The title given to this pantente makes us understand the intentions and what will be the benefits that bring. 

The patent is titled as "MEMS Autofocus actuator". The acronym MEMS means "micro-electrical mechanical systems". The system has been used so far Apple is the VCM (Voice Coil Motor), which in the same patent at hand is represented as a slow system when focus and energy intensive.

The patent indicates that this new system will consume less power, be able to focus faster and also allows the fabrication of smaller devices. But against that item is not exactly simple to manufacture. The patent dates from 2012, its inventor is Richard J. Topliss and even allow us to focus images after shooting. 

Only in Cupertino know if this is a technology that we will see in the next iPhone 6 or later. But such a technology would be well received.

Apple released the ninth Mavericks beta of 10.9.3 to developers

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Apple launches the ninth beta, just 8 days after posting on its developer web  the previous version, the beta-eight.So quickly between the two versions could indicate that soon we will have available for the public. 

The goal is the same, focusing attention on the issues that were failing previous betas to try to post the version of OS X 10.9.3 Mavericks with the fewest problems. This from Apple developers indicate the points where they have to influence when finding faults in it.

Aspects of the system to treat are the possible problems with audio and video drivers, the Mail and Safari applications included by default in the system and also a new feature that allows you to synchronize calendar and contacts with local devices via iTunes. Another feature introduced in the latest versions of the beta is the ability to bend pixels to fit 4K monitors from other manufacturers.

The MacBook variety, many options for choice

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Now that you have begun the round of renovations to the MacBook Air, will begin to do a special on the options we have in the two great ranges of Mac computers, laptops and desktops. To do this we will review the MacBook family, the Air and Pro in its different variants and Desktops iMac, Mac mini and Mac Pro, and a small final detail with the Apple Cinema Display, which promises this year.

Like the MacBook Air was the first to update, let's start with laptop variety. And although we already know what will bring the MacBook Air this year, perhaps Apple has an ace up his sleeve and can introduce surprises even within the family. And of course, its big brother, the MacBook pro insurance to be renewed.

And what we have now in the MacBook variety?

Right now we have the Air and Pro Series. The first is focused directly to portability, the second to the performance. Each mode has its use and consider that Apple has a very well defined range. But in reality, the MacBook are what keep the Mac family.

The MacBook Air

The variety of the MacBook Air has been renovated this Tuesday. The update has been minimal, just a new generation of Intel processors get more clock speed, from 1.3 to 1.6 prior to the current 1.4 to 1.7 (GHz). No other changes apart from a decrease in prices.

The MacBook Pro

We have a 13-inch model without retina display and other variations in sizes 13 and 15 inch retina display. This is a performance-oriented notebook. It has plenty of power and a huge array of possibilities.

The MacBook Pro is about to be renewed, now takes 186 days without renewal. Probably during the developer conference see an update to the MacBook Pro range, so if you are thinking about buying one might be better to wait. 

If you do not need the ultra-portability of the MacBook Air, we will always have the MacBook Pro, which will give us more power. Yes, this is a high performance laptop that will serve for almost any task. Their price range is very wide and allow us to play with almost any possible configuration when suit our needs.

Steve Jobs, the most influential business leader of the past 25 years according to CNBC

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Steve Jobs continues to receive posthumous tributes from several institutions: this time the U.S. network CNBC who has named Apple co-founder the most influential business leader of the past quarter century, leading a list of 25 influential executives. 

In the details of this tribute, CNBC detailed that Jobs has chosen as the first of the list because while Bill Gates redefined the way in which millions of people worked, Steve redefined the style in which these people live and uploaded the level integrating technology in everyday life.

More than any other member of our extraordinary list of executives and entrepreneurs (all outstanding leaders). Steve's vision has led to changes beyond their industry and has put his undeniable stamp on the culture.

On this list are Bill Gates (second position), Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, the creators of Google Sergey Brin and Larry Page, Eric Schmidt, Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook and the owner of Inditex Amancio Ortega. Apple already has another reason to keep reminding the creator of all them philosophy.

MacBook Air, a new low price of Apple laptops

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Inconspicuous renewal of the MacBook Air, which has been limited to equip a more powerful Intel processor and lowering its base price. But if we focus on prices that has been in the United States, we are at the cheapest Mac laptop in the entire history of the company. 

In the USA, the base model of the new MacBook Air has been lowered to $ 899. There have been only another Mac at that price, the white polycarbonate MacBook when it was directed to educational institutions. But considering that the general public could not access that computer, the new MacBook Air surpasses.

In Spain, the lowest we've had for a Mac price have been 879 € with the white MacBook 

In the case of Spain the white MacBook was to cost 879 euros when sold at the original price, but rose to 979 euros when Apple inflated him with a little more power. But that $ 899 for a product designed for the vast majority of the public (and not for those just looking for something affordable as happened with the white MacBook) laptop, Apple said they want to cover more market.

Not meant to be cheaper than the PC, but it is obvious that the costs have been lowered. And the best part is that Apple can break this record again with minimal future models. How far are the $ 6,500 first Macintosh Portable.

martes, 29 de abril de 2014

Eddy Cue and Craig Federighi will be in the first Code Conference with Walt Mossberg

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The event called D in which Steve Jobs and after Tim Cook always have been interviewed by Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher, now that event is renamed Code Conference (as Walt and Kara now lead the average Re/Code), and this year will be Eddy Cue and Craig Federighi interviewees. 

It is not the CEO, but are facing the heads of services and Apple software with years of experience in the company. As Kara Swisher says in Re / Code, the interview will focus on how those services and Apple systems revolve around the mobile world.

The Code Conference will be held from 27 to 29 May in Rancho Palos Verdes, Southern California. Tickets are already sold out, but the tradition remains can see the full video interview the next day and therefore more interesting to know what they have said Eddy and Craig. Both executives will appear on stage on May 28.

Delivery times are normalized. Mac Pro

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A reference to the expected sales of the new Mac Pro in the last Financial results, but there was no special mention. We could only know the number of Mac's sold as a global computation and know that the success of the sales are in the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air.

Last February we saw the Mac Pro increased waiting time to almost two months. We did not know if there was a very high demand or manufacturing problems. 

But now we can see how the waiting time is 3 to 5 weeks, a substantially lower number. Remember that you can only buy the Mac Pro at the Apple Store online, because you could not buy in a physical store of the company. Only a few resellers are offering it, but waiting times are significantly longer.

POP, the animation engine that uses Paper is Now Open Source

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Paper is possibly one of the best, or the best application published by Facebook. As we saw in our testing, the application is amazing in all its aspects and the interface and animations are at a high level. Now, POP, the animation engine used by Paper is published as Open Source.

On the website of Facebook code can read more about this engine that essentially, enables new options for animation versus Core Animation. So thanks to spring, decay and custom, the three new animations that offer POP, developers can improve the animation of their apps. 

If you start working with it we would like to know how you aprovecháis. So, to write code!

Update Facebook Messenger for iPhone. Improvements for sharing photos and videos

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Messenger, the mobile messaging client Facebook for our iPhone, has been updated to version 5 by solving one of its biggest problems: the interface to attach content to the message. Now, Facebook has placed much easier carrying gallery photos, stickers and even the camera to the same area of writing messages.

The new interface for attaching photos and videos saves us navigate many menus and panels

Another novelty is that we can now send videos that are stored on our reel, and also improved the contact tab to search our list of friends.

The interface of the talks remains the same, by Facebook's plans to wean your messaging completely from your main application. I do not know if this strategy is the right one, but I have to say that Facebook Messenger has become one of my favorite messaging client for my iPhone.

Hearthstone to iPhone later this year

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Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. It has caught the attention of many people especially after launch for iPad. In Appleismo we've already taken a good look on video, but today we bring information directly from Hearthstone responsibles Eric Dodds and Chayes Jason.

Eric Dodds is the director of the project and carries Hearthstone Blizzard since 1997, while Jason Chayes is the production manager of the game and therefore responsible for their development. Let's see what we have to say about Hearthstone and its relationship with Apple devices.
We have here some of the most interesting statements in the interview developed by Applesfera:
"We've tried to make the gaming experience remains unaffected in smartphone versions of Hearthstone"

"We wanted to release something stable Hearthstone for iPad and able to branch from there" 

"We are working on a" spectator mode "to see items" 

Stonehenge, Córdoba and the Loch Ness monster reach the Apple Maps

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Since the last review of the Apple Maps in January, the company has introduced new updates to view 3D Flyover allowing us to explore cities like Cordoba in Spain, Perth in Australia or Saint-Tropez in France, also more recently expanding area San Francisco Bay to the city of Berkeley.

But the latest to view 3D maps Apple implementation is the famous megalithic monument of Stonehenge, which can now Flyover view to appreciate the circle of standing stones from every angle.

Maps on iOS and OS X have made headlines in the Daily Mail for a very different reason. Apparently Apple has been found in Scotland the elusive Loch Ness monster, Nessi! I have to say that the theory has already been removed but certainly this time believers were quite convincing as support.

Mezquita de Córdoba (Spain)
Saint-Tropez (France)
California University in Berkeley (U.S.)
Perth, Business District (Australia)

Updated list of cities with 3D Flyover view:




Perth NEW






Bahía de Algeciras, including Los Barrios, La Línea de la Concepción and Gibraltar (UK)
Barcelona, ​​including much of its metropolitan area municipalities as Badalona, ​​L'Hospitalet or Mataró.

Córdoba NEW Madrid, including much of its metropolitan area with municipalities as Alcorcón, Móstoles, Leganés or Fuenlabrada


Albany, NY (New York)
Arlington, TX (Texas)
Atlanta, GA (Georgia)
Austin, TX (Texas)
Baltimore, MD (Maryland)
Berkeley, CA (California) NEW
Boston, MA (Massachusetts)
Buffalo, NY (New York)
Chicago, IL (Illinois)
Cleveland, OH (Ohio)
Cupertino, CA (California)
Dallas, TX (Texas)
Denver, CO (Colorado)
Fort Worth, TX (Texas)
Fresno, CA (California)
Green Bay, WI (Wisconsin) Honolulu, HI (Hawaii)
Houston, TX (Texas)
Indianapolis, IN (Indiana)
Las Vegas, NV (Nevada), including Dam Hoover
Long Beach, CA (California)
Los Angeles, CA (California), including Beverly Hills, Hollywood and Santa Monica
Memphis, TN (Tennessee)
Miami, FL (Florida)
Minneapolis, MN (Minnesota) Modesto, CA (California)
Nashville, TN (Tennessee)
New Orleans, LA (Louisiana)
New York, NY (New York), including Brooklyn, Bronx and Jersey
CityOakland, CA (California) Philadelphia, PA (Pennsylvania) Phoenix, AZ (Arizona)
Portland, OR (Orlando)
Providence, RI (Rhode Island) Riverside, CA (California) Sacramento, CA (California)
Saint Paul , MN (Minnesota)
San Diego, CA (California)
San Francisco, CA (California) including Brisbane, Palo Alto and Stanford
San Jose, CA (California)
Santa Ana, CA (California) Schenectady, NY (New York)
Seattle, WA (Washington)
Stockton, CA (California)
Tacoma, WA (Washington)
Tulsa, OK (Oklahoma)




París, including Versailles, Aulnay-sous-Bois, Disneyland Paris and L'Haÿ-les-Roses
Saint-Tropez NEW




Perusa, including many nearby villages to Asís
Roma, including the Vatican



South Africa



Birmingham, England
Glasgow, Scotland
Leeds, England
London, England
Manchester, England
Stonehenge and nearby towns (Amesbury, Durrington, Larkhill ...), England NEW
Wolverhampton, England



lunes, 28 de abril de 2014

Apple is preparing a sale of 17 million in bonds to refinance the company

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Although we are facing one of the healthiest companies in the world, all they need to refinance. To counter buying companies and R & D last year, it is necessary that the Company has liquidity. So, Apple is preparing a bond sale of the company amounting to 17 million dollars. 

We are, according to Times, before one of the biggest debt sales of the world. Luca Maestri, hinted during the last earnings call. Apple would be forced to make a similar debt sale which made ​​last year to power refinance.

The good news for Apple are that demand exceeds fifty million dollars, so it will not seem excessive problems with getting money for their payments earlier this year. This maneuver seems that Apple will get attract capital reserve that has abroad.

All rumors iOS 8 converted into a very interesting concept video

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Those who follow Apple, we live day to day with all the rumors that appear frequently on new devices, new features in the software or just moves Apple makes one or another trend. Here in weekly Appleismo collect most of these rumors Rumorsfera in our section, but today we want to show an extremely interesting video that shows how it could be really iOS 8. 

Why this video is different from others? Because instead of teaching what the creator of the video would like had iOS 8, actually teaches (as a concept, of course) are the rumors we've been getting so far on all iOS 8 features alleged will. In the video we see Siri to identify songs, Healthbook supported for future iWatch, CarPlay and not being able to use it in the car and the redesigned notification center.

What do you think these concepts? Although aesthetics is started with iOS 7 and many hate (but I love), if the redesign notification center is similar to that seen here and Healthbook runs without iWatch, I personally will be happy with the new characteristics. Let's just hope that is compatible with the iPhone "not so old" (iPhone 4 and above) and fix existing bugs iOS 7.

Apple regains market share in Japan, Australia and Spain thanks to sales of the iPhone 5S

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Market share: that fact that all manufacturers look. No matter how many devices you sell if the amount you sell to your competitor. In his keynote Apple always provides data to and share in the first quarter of 2014 has one more fact to teach as it has increased its market share in mobile devices.

This increase in sales was due to areas such as Japan, Australia and Europe where market share went up to 57.6%, 33.1% and 19.2% respectively, and these data rose by 8.6% in Japan, 2% in Australia and 0.1% in Europe, Spain is the European country with the largest increase (4.5%). The culprit for this increase has been mainly the iPhone 5S, which has had a great return as far as sales are concerned. 

But not all would be good news for Apple in the first quarter of 2014 and in the United States during the months of January and March share dropped to 35.9% (7.9% less than the same time last year past), showing that Americans buy more at the end of the year than at the beginning.

Is this good news for Apple? Yes and no. On the one hand the increase in market share is always positive, but if we see the overall study data Kantar Wordpanel we realize that Android is still the most used operating system in all countries except Japan, a fact that Apple should attack later or later if you do not want to stay in line.

Apple will replace free of charge the flawed sleep button of the iPhone 5

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Has your phone problems with the sleep button? Apple has determined the existence of certain problems in some iPhone 5 and expanded coverage of the replacement program to put a solution. 
Good news for iPhone users. As of May 2 Apple offer coverage in the replacement program for iPhone 5 all phones have problems with the Sleep / Wake button. Best of all is that Latin America is also included in the process, which a lot of users will appreciate.

To expand the program replacement iPhone 5 Apple has determined that the mechanism of the button of a small percentage of this model may not work or work intermittently, so, knowing their after sales policy, it is not surprising that have decided to fix it as comfortable as possible for the affected users. The phones affected are those made in March 2013.

To be chosen as "replaceable" within replacement program the iPhone 5, the phone must have a valid serial number attesting to the problem. In this case, Apple will change the button at no cost on a Apple repair center, making delivery or by mail or in person at no cost. If you like this issue affects you can go to the page on the replacement program of the iPhone 5 and enter your serial number to see if your phone meets the necessary requirements.

Renders of alleged iPhone 6 confirm the increase in screen and 6mm thick

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Leaks continue, and this time are some renders of the iPhone in June alleged that show how the new terminal would be more screen and thinner.
March and April tend to be especially active in Tale months of rumors and leaks about new Apple products, and this year, the event increased screen size of the next iPhone 6 is assuming that most of the rumors focus on this feature.

I recently watched the new front panel and more rounded edges. Now would be new renders for accessory manufacturers to confirm the increased screen and 6 millimeters thick. If so become one of the finest devices market.
Through UkranianiPhone have posted pictures that accompany this post and according to this source correspond to Render design for manufacturers of bags and accessories, and how logically contain all the physical details of the terminal to match the accessories with the arrangement of the physical buttons and the structure of the terminal. In this way according to these data, this assumption iPhone would be high and slightly wider than the current iPhone 5s, which measures 124mm by 59mm by changing to 138mm by 67mm, nearby to one of the terminals Android. 

One idea that I personally am not convinced, I think more than 5 inches is a brick in your pocket.

Spotify, ready to beat iTunes in Europe

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The race to be the best digital music service seems to be changing position. Spotify, according to one of their representatives, would be gaining ground in Europe at the expense of the services offered by iTunes.
Spotify has added more than a million active users in the UK for the past four months. This move is part of its attempt to take control and gain ground on iTunes for the service of the European continent's largest digital music. The benefits of Spotify could have exceeded those of iTunes in Europe.

This was stated in a responsible Sportify in Business Insider recently also explains that the service is growing rapidly, much more than expected for your satisfaction. According to reports, downloads sales are declining in large numbers while Spotify is growing greatly throughout Europe and through iTunes, particularly in the UK. In addition, as indicated by the representative, a large part of the new users are also subscribers Spotify premium service.

Kevin Brown, the source of these claims Spotify has indicated that they do not see iTunes as a true competitor. "Actually," he explained, "the real danger is on Youtube." In addition, Brown has not hesitated to criticize the ability to keep out of Spotify to some artists who have had to date iTunes, although this has not been a real disadvantage, he says. These data come on the eve of an expected launch of iTunes Radio in other parts of the world, but do not know if it will be also for Europe and if this will affect this data.

A user includes over a thousand pictures of the prototypes of Apple

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Do you want to see an amazing collection of photographs of all kinds of prototypes of Apple? This amazing flickr group organized by Sonny Hung, has been commissioned to make an excellent collection of the most curious products of the Cupertino company.
Occasionally you stumble upon surprising, curious and very nice things online. This is the case of this amazing and extensive flickr Apple's prototypes that has an impressive amount of Apple and Associated companies photos with all types of designs primitive devices.

From the most popular such as the iPod Touch a real unknown projects, prototypes flickr Apple will contains 1,157 photographs of all types at our disposal. In the group we can find and watch the curious devices, some even came to not see the light on the market or to the public. But we also find the first versions of big name, including applications and hardware versions of some of the most beloved elements of Apple.
The flickr group of prototype Apple was opened in 2007 by Sonny Hung, who by then included some 123 photos. The prototype of Hung was a eMate 300 Clear Case.

After having your case and encourage others to include your own photographs, reviewers have been growing in number, but they have already done the photographs that have increased tenfold in the last seven years. The most interesting thing, besides the photos, but is disinterest group, sharing photos on the flickr prototypes of Apple for free.

Besides Hung, the main responsibility, collaborate in this flickr Grant Hutchinson, Daniel Forsythe, Simian, or Jim Abeles. However Hung gained the vast majority of photographs thanks to the sending of all stakeholders who want to involve the prototypes in his possession within this flickr. In fact, everyone is welcome to the group, provided a few simple rules of behavior and I assure the proper functioning and accuracy, largely of the prototypes found. Of course they are samples like this that show the great ability to make a good job that the community has when he wants.

An Apple's Ex-Engineer talks about the development of the first iPhone

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  • Received a job offer from Apple six months before the end of his career, but decided to wait to finish it. 
  • When he started, he was assigned to the team's first mobile Safari. 
  • By leaving Apple, he founded a small company that sold three years at Motorola for $20 million.

Francisco Tolmasky worked on developing the original iPhone and talks about his experience 

When we hear that a young man has sold his start-up by several million dollars we always do the same question, why did not I think of that myself? We forget the countless hours dedicated to their own company, for almost certainly bad times and crossed the tremendous difficulties of raising a company from nothing and be able to a big to notice you.

But not only that, aside from the necessary luck in any walk of life, you must have knowledge, wit, ambition and take, sometimes, risky decisions. When I had been asked that question many times and knowing the stories of some successful entrepreneurs, rephrase the question to mean, I would have been able to do that?
One of those stories might be to Tolmasky Francisco, a young businessman, 29, former employee of Apple, based in San Francisco and now works independently in the development of mobile games. 

In 2007 he founded a company called 280 North that eventually created and perfected a programming language and a number of frameworks for developing rich web applications style desktop applications Mac OS X. Just three years after its foundation, Motorola took notice of her and took on 280 North for 20 million dollars.
Tolmasky made ​​decisions that surely I had never taken, as do Apple wait six months to finish his career in computers, when it proposed Cupertino work for them.

But it was not only, also decided to leave in 2007 the company on the block in the success of the original iPhone, because the work environment in which he had begun work had changed and no longer resembled the typical atmosphere of a small business.

Leaving Apple in 2007 because he did not like the atmosphere of large company

Although it is unusual for former employees of Apple talk about their relationship with the company, Tolmasky agreed with the excuse of the presentation of his latest development. The reason I went to work for the Cupertino, was to assist in the production of an Internet browser adapted to the small screen of a phone that could be handled with fingers. The first concept for mobile Safari.

The project was developed in a secluded area of ​​the campus and the team was divided into hardware and software, working separately to avoid leaks. Jobs met with them twice a week. Says that at first it was a little frustrating because he saw how the task of developing satisfactorily.

Tolmasky recalled his work in another application for the iPhone, like the keyboard. The development of this software element turned out to be a kind of race, and that Apple co-founder it not convince any solution. So I assigned all team members full time to perfect the keyboard for a few days until Apple CEO gave its approval.
The young businessman also told us of the days before the presentation of the iPhone. Jobs wanted a map application to display the new terminal, the problem was the weather. He ordered the work to a fellow Tolmasky and was working nonstop to get a functional application maps for presentation.

Finally he defined the character of Steve Jobs so:
"This ws the effect Jobs produced upon thee: this is important, it has to be done, and do it."

The source code for iOS 7.1 reveals that future iPad will TouchID sensor

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When someone wants to know before anyone else what Apple is about to launch, look at two things: rumors and iOS source code. The latter has already given hints about new models of iPad last month, and now they have found signs that future generations inherit the tablet sensor TouchID iPhone 5s.

A number added to that code (specifically found in iOS 7.1) within the property BiometricKit suggests that this sensor will be in a new range of iOS devices, namely the iPad Air and iPad mini. There will be no discrimination depending on the model, and that can also mean that plans to exploit more fully the sensor are closer. 

We WWDC event in sight, but will be far more focused software not the hardware. But this year we need to see new iPad, and the combination of the sensor and the latest news TouchID iOS 8 can lead to very interesting things.

domingo, 27 de abril de 2014

The iPad, a tablet you use and all

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You carry the Nintendo Wii to your parents house for Christmas to have fun as a family with a strong boxing and bowling session in Wii Sports. Your parents freak out and immediately decide they want one. Do not wait too long and the same falls Reyes them. Their neighbors are soon also try the game as if it were a virus, suddenly everyone needs a Wii. 

Surely you remember the situation, it was very common a few years ago, as common as all those consoles terminasen gathering dust as a decorative item plus saloon. With tablets has gone something like, everyone wanted one last Christmas and as above were undoubtedly one of the gifts star.

No wonder. After all this is a great invention. One for the first time about really personal computer users of all profiles and age. My father reviews the latest eBay auctions comfortably in his chair while my mother lying on the sofa reading an electronic book or surf the Internet laughing with the last link we have spent her friends. And yes, a Wii is watching them from the corner of the room where he has spent the last six years off. 

But of course, my parents use iPad, the second generation to be exact, and use it daily because they not only like, but also understand and know how to use it for things you really wanted to do but often not made ​​by the difficulty sitting down at the computer and face their thousand inconveniences.

His neighbors also succumbed to the fever tablets, but the iPad was $499 more than they were willing to spend on this occasion. Luckily for them, the supply of tablets that had come under the shadow of the iPad stretched in all directions. Samsung, Sony and hundreds of previously unknown brands crowded with more attractive prices, some as ridiculous. All work the same and serve the same, right?

All work the same and serve the same, right?

Apparently not . Or that's the first conclusion is reached again and again every time you look Chitika graphs on web browsing from tablets and find that year after year , by far the tightening competition and the market flooded with tablets to follow bargain price , hardly anyone use anything other than the iPad . They have tablets , yes, but as decorative items.

And is that not all tablets are the same. Even those that work great, even on paper outperform the iPad in technical data that do not interest any mother. Only one has iOS, only one has 500,000 applications are not extended versions of phones, only one hit as soon as for those who already have one for years continue squeezing without feeling the need to buy another. It's called the first iPad you buy will be your faithful companion for longer than is best for Apple itself. The rest? Well, they are great in the magazine or just in the gap left above the Wii.

sábado, 26 de abril de 2014

Tools for creating storyboards in iOS (Part 2)

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Storyboards , simple and efficient application. Similar to the views on Mac but with a better finish at the interface level and the advantages of working on the iPad. Where else can we take our storyboard always with us. And it's free.

Compositor Storyboard, payment but it is interesting. We can place items like notes, camera position, camera and more. Also we will add photos taken with our iPhone or iPad which can be useful if you're shooting on location.

Technology and the analog world 

Strangely there are not many applications of this type. It really is that for large productions and there dedicate yourselves to do the storyboard and make use of applications like Photoshop and van scenes organizing teams otherwise.

So looking for more alternatives I came across a very simple but practical method. This involves making use of the drawing application that we like such as Paper, Penultimate in iOS abd similar but in the OSX Gimp then these drawings will schematize each scene took them to ComicLife. Yes, it's easy, it's something we could do a thousand other ways but if you test I think you will like. 

And of course if there are not many scenes do you prefer or simply be being more analog, we will always have a pencil and paper.

Tools for creating storyboards in OS X (Part 1)

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When creating a storyboard technology offers certain options, if it is a large project, useful and practical. Not to mention not having to carry a stack of papers above is always appreciated. Therefore, I have decided to seek applications for Mac and iOS that allow us to create a storyboard. 

Of course, there are listed a bit of everything, some of them will seem the past because their interfaces are nothing but attractive if they meet their duties is enough in this case. We started with the Mac.

Storyboarding in OS X

The first is StoryBoard Quick. Basically it is a database of images that can be inserted to recreate various scenes of our short film, advertisement, ... These elements in turn can rotate, change in size and position. It is not pleasant visually but does not seem a bad option. 

The same developer offers a more complete version, StoryBoard Quick Studio, and a version to take our iPad and other options that you can see on their website, PowerProduction Software. Although its price, $ 249, more than one will dismiss it quickly.

Another option is Toonboom Storyboard Pro. We could define it as a drawing application where each of them will be one of our project plans. These will be organized in the application itself and can rearrange them with drag and drop. It may not be perfect but it is certainly the one that has convinced me.

FrameForge Previz Studio is also an application for creating storyboard tool able to animate the scenes, something that may be helpful to some but that means extra work that may not be necessary.

iOS 7.1.1 improves the autonomy of your iPhone

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After each update of iOS and OS X is normal to find many comments from users who are convinced that the system is more fluid or autonomy has improved. Anyway, I always doubt about whatever is true, but it seems that with the latest update of iOS to version 7.1.1 has actually increased the autonomy of our iPhones over the levels enjoyed in iOS 6.

That says Adrian Kingsley-Hughes of ZDNet, who has been keeping a meticulous control of the average consumption of battery your iPhone 5 along with the latest versions of iOS. Starting with iOS 6, iPhone of Adrian kept a 74% charge after six hours of normal use. This figure decreased slightly with iOS 7, but after a few cycles of loading and unloading the system is recalibrated battery with similar results. 

The problem was thus with iOS 7.1, a version that was a decline in the autonomy of the iPhone 5 Adrian making after six hours load down to 48%, forcing him to recharge the phone twice a day to keep up.

The good news? After upgrading to iOS 7.1.1 things have improved sharply returning to previous levels and even surpassing the mark originally obtained in iOS 6. Their iPhone 5 now maintains an average of 76% of autonomy after six hours of use, not bad, right?

Personally I can certify that definitely iOS 7.1 had become a black hole for the battery in my iPhone, something I have tried to mitigate most actively controlling the type of apps that remained open, disconnecting the Bluetooth whenever it was not necessary, and configure the system to not try to locate my position for every bullshit that the app should ask (Settings> Privacy> Location).

Just three days I updated to iOS 7.1.1 and still I dare not give a verdict on whether things have improved or not particularly, but it is also true that he was not attentive ago. And you? Have you improved the autonomy of your iPhone?

The NBC shows inside the Apple data center in North Carolina

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We've all seen pictures of the data center that Apple has in North Carolina, and now that the center is energized 100% clean, renewable with the last year that the company has released. But NBC entered with their cameras inside the data center, which is not usual. 

In short feature video we can see Lisa Jackson, head of the environmental department at Apple, walk with reporter about a noisy crowded halls where supposedly saved servers and synchronize all data from our iCloud accounts.
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Lisa has realized that the solar panel farm generates even more energy than Apple need in your data center, which allows you to forward all that surplus to the grid of the nearby town of Maiden. Images are short, but not every day that passes the cameras can come and shoot Apple internal facilities.

viernes, 25 de abril de 2014

The five reasons that are warming the price of Apple

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1. Few bright results
The revenue of the company rose by 4.6 percent to $ 45,600 million, a record for a non-holiday quarter. This figure is above the 43.500 billion analysts had expected. Also, these accounts imply a profit of $ 11.62 per share, better than expected they were $ 10.18. Specifically, quarterly earnings increased 7%.

2. The increase in iPhone sales
Apple reported sales of 43.7 million iPhones in the first quarter, exceeding the 38 million Wall Street had predicted. This contributed to the doubts hanging over Apple's flagship device, which has shown that continues to attract the faithful.

3. The split 
Apple has announced that each share of the company will be divided by 7. This decision facilitates entry into the Dow Jones Industrial, and is one of the factors that has driven the price of the company, since the presence in index attracts so much money from passive management. In addition, this will allow fans of the company can be done with some that could not previously. There is also a psychological factor: It is not the same as having an action 7.

4. The dividend
Apple also announced an increase in the quarterly dividend by 8% to $ 3.29. The dividend has been for years one of the major demands of the investors in the technology of the apple.

5. Buyback program 
The other factor that is driving the action is the announcement that senior management has approved a new share repurchase program worth $ 30,000 million by 2015, which will certainly boost its market value.


Despite these bullish factors, the results presented this week have failed to dispel the main question that continues to weigh on the company: When will Apple launch a new product?

The momentum gained by the first iPod; then by the iPhone in 2007 and finally with the iPad in 2010 is undeniable, but the competition is fierce and it now spends Google billions of dollars in artificial robotics; Samsung is gaining it while growing market in the area of smartphones. The billionaire Carl Icahn, one of the shareholders of Apple that has fought for the share repurchase program summed it up well in his Twitter account: "I completely agree with the share repurchase program and extremely pleased with the results. I also will be happy when they launch new products "

Apple should pay a fine for infringing a design patent with the iPod

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The idea of the "Click Wheel" was already patented in Japan

A Japanese court ordered Apple to pay compensation of 330 million yen (3.2 million dollars) for infringing a patent on the design of the radio button included in his famous iPod music player. 

In a ruling made ​​public today, the high court of intellectual property in Japan states that the U.S. company infringed copyright registered in the country to use the device in a design that had been patented by a Japanese company.

The reason for the new judgment against Apple for this Japanese court is the "Click Wheel", the circular device that combines a sensor with multiple buttons and allows the user to perform various operations, such as playing a song or advance to the next track, a single finger.

Apple used the technology on their iPods sold in Japan since 2004, but a Japanese company had applied to patent a similar design in 1998.

Japanese courts have ruled in favor of the owner of the company, Norihiko Saito, who sued Apple for infringing its patent and requested compensation of 10,000 million yen (about 100 million). 

During the trial, Apple claimed that Pat Saito was not new as it had authorized several similar patents before 1998, as recorded by the Kyodo news agency. 

Apple imposed on compensation has been calculated taking into account its sales volume during the period affecting the litigation.

Tim Cook auction time again: come with him for at least ten thousand dollars

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Exactly one year ago, Tim Cook released a Charitybuzz bidding for the highest bidder could have coffee with him and donate that money to a good cause. Finally paid $ 610,000 for it, so Apple CEO repeats the initiative auctioning a dinner with him. 

The starting bid is again $ 10,000, but it is estimated that the value of that meal with Tim Cook is ten times more. Anyway, seeing what was removed last year, sure someone agrees to pay a much higher figure again. The food, like coffee last year, will be at headquarters that Apple has on its campus in Cupertino.

Unfortunately, my economy keep me pushing. But perhaps some of you can. You can send your bids by 13 May, and of course all the money paid will go to the organization full Robert F Kennedy human rights.